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Suitable for anyone interested in modern science, from high schoolers to centenarians.
Date: Saturday 16th July 2005 -- 2:00-5:00pm
Location: Medical Sciences Auditorium

If String Theory's the Answer,
What's the Question?

The international Strings '05 conference, on research frontiers in string theory, will be held July 11-16 at the University of Toronto. As the final event of this conference, we're offering the general public an accessible opportunity to explore exciting ideas of modern theoretical physics.

Professors Robbert Dijkgraaf and Leonard Susskind, both international superstars in string theory, will lead us on two engaging introductory tours through mind-bending concepts like warped space-time, black holes, strings, the big bang and the ultimate fate of the universe.

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Robbert Dijkgraaf's talk Leonard Susskind's talk

Robbert Dijkgraaf
U. Amsterdam

Strings, Black Holes, and the End of Space and Time

Leonard Susskind
Stanford U.

Cosmic Landscape:
String Theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design

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