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Ahmadi, Morteza University of Lethbridge Black hole entropy and possible deviations from the area law.
Bagnoud, Maxime Kyoto University-Graduate School of Sciences Algebraic classification of M-theory orbifolds
Belov, Dmitriy Rutgers University Classification of abelian spin Chern-Simons theories
Berkovits, Nathan Instituto de Fisica Teorica, UNESP Explaining the Pure Spinor Formalism
Biswas, Tirthabir McGill University Brane gas + Race track: Implications for Moduli Stabilization and Inflation
Abstract: Brane gas cosmology provides an attractive possiblity of being able to resolve the big bang singularity as well as explain why only three dimensions have become large. However, it suffers from two major difficulties. First, it doesn't naturally provide an inflationary phase and second, at late times brane gas mediated moduli stabilization seems difficult to acheive. I will show that both of these difficulties can be addressed if one combines brane gas dynamics with race-track type superpotentials that one obtains for the moduli fields. Although brane/string gases by themselves cannot stabilize all the moduli, in conjunction with suitable potentials they can address both the overshoot problem and give rise to an earlier phase of acceleration.
Bondarescu, Mihai California Institute of Technology Black Holes and Black Strings in spaces with unusual compactification
Cerchiai, Bianca Letizia Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Euler Parametrization for G2
Chaudhry, Muhammad A. KFUPM, Dhahran title: "Remarks on the Riemann Hypothesis"
Chen, Xingang Institute for fundamental theory, University of Florida Multithroat Brane Inflation
Chialva, Diego Valerio SISSA-ISAS Stable Fundamental Massive Strings
Copsey, Keith University of California, Santa Barbara Dipole Charge and Black Hole Thermodynamics
Dehghani, Mohammad H. Shiraz University Thermodynamics of rotating black holes with first order string corrections
DeLillo, Thomas Wichita State University Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping of Multiply Connected Domains-Formulas and Computation
Esole, Mboyo Leiden University D-term Cosmic Strings from N=2 Supergravity
Exirifard, Ghasem SISSA/ISAS Alpha' corrections and T-duality
Freivogel, Ben Stanford University A Dual Description of de Sitter Space
Fuller, Jon Hawkeye Community College Jon Fuller's 11 Dimensional Theory
Furuuchi, Kazuyuki Harish-Chandra Research Institute From Free Fields to Strings -- Thermal Case
Hashimoto, Koji University of Tokyo Reconnection of Cosmic (Gauge/D-) Strings
Ho, Pei-Ming National Taiwan University Solving all 4-point correlation functions for bosonic open string theory in the high energy limit
Huang, Minxin University of Wisconsin, Madison Open/Closed string duality in topological gravity with matter
Jones, Gregory Harvard University Time-Dependent Gravity Solutions
Kao, Hsien-chung National Taiwan Normal University New Instability in a Strong Electric Field
Kim, Yoonbai Sungkyunkwan University Tachyon vortex string with electric flux as a DF-string
Kirsch, Ingo Harvard University AdS/CFT with Flavor -- In and Beyond the Quenched Approximation
Kobayashi, Shimpei University of Tokyo Non-BPS D-brane Systems and Supergravity Solutions
Kreuzer, Maximilian Technische Universitšt Wien Statistics of toric Calabi-Yau fourfolds
Kuroki, Tsunehide RIKEN Nonperturbative Effect in Noncritical String Theory
Lin, Feng-Li National Taiwan Normal University Boundary topological string theory and CR structure
Mahato, Manavendra University of Michigan Deforming Sasaki-Einstein cones.
Manes, Juan L. University of the Basque Country Strings and Random Walks
Mann, Nelia university of california, Santa Barbara Finite Density States in Integrable Conformal Field Theories
Matsuura, So The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Localization on D-brane and Gauge Theory / Matrix Model
Minic, Djordje Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State Univ. Solving pure QCD in 2+1 dimensions
Morita, Takeshi Kyoto univ. Direct derivation of the Veneziano-Yankielowicz superpotential from matrix model
Mureika, Jonas Loyola Marymount University Generalized Area Scaling: A holographic re-interpretation of the fractal dimension
Pezzella, Franco INFN and Naples University "Federico II" String Construction of Orientifold Field Theories
Raeymaekers, Joris Korean Institute for Advanced Study Superconformal Quantum Mechanics of Small Black Holes
Rivelles, Victor Universidade de Sao Paulo Seiberg-Witten Map and Gravity
Sakaguchi, Makoto Okayama Institute for Quantum Physics Partial breaking of supersymmetry and gauge symmetry in N=2 U(N) gauge model
Sakurai, Makoto University of Tokyo Duality between open Gromov-Witten invariants and Beilinson-Drinfeld chiral algebra
Sato, Matsuo University of Rochester Integrability of the AdS_5 x S^5 Superstring
Schiappa, Ricardo Instituto Superior Tecnico Asymptotic Quasinormal Frequencies for d-Dimensional Black Holes
Seki, Shigenori Kyoto University Gauged Linear Sigma Model on Supermanifold
Siwach, Sanjay Seoul National University Non-extremal Black Holes in String Theory
Snobl, Libor Universite de Montreal Poisson-Lie T-plurality of three-dimensional conformally
Takahashi, Keitaro Princeton University Generation of Braneworld by Tachyon
Thomson, Rowan University of Waterloo Holographic mesons in various dimensions
Valandro, Roberto SISSA/ISAS Statistics of M-Theory Vacua
Varadarajan, Uday University of Texas at Austin Polynomials and Landscapes
Vazquez-Poritz, Justin Institute for Advanced Study TBA -- no title is given
Villanueva, Victor University of Michoacan On the quantization of string theory through physical projectors.
Waldron, Andrew University of California, Davis Constant Curvature Algebras
Woolgar, Eric University of Alberta Irreversibility of RG Flows for WorldSheet NonLinear Sigma Models
Yahikozawa, Shigeaki Rikkyo University Information metric on instanton moduli spaces in nonlinear sigma models
Zeitlin, Anton M. St. Petersburg Division of Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences On First Order Formalism in String Theory
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