June 21, 2021

Homotopy Theory Program

Workshop on Homotopy, Geometry and Physics
The Fields Institute
April 19-22,1996

What follows is information concerning the Workshop on Homotopy, Geometry and Physics which will take place at The Fields Institute on April 19-22,1996.

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Wednesday, April 17: (Introductory Lecture)

2:00 pm:Jacques Hurtubise, McGill
Moduli spaces and particle spaces. I

Thursday, April 18: (Introductory Lectures)

2:00 pm: John Jones, Warwick
Operad Theory
3:30 pm: Jacques Hurtubise, McGill
Moduli spaces and particle spaces. II
Friday, April 19:

9:30 am: Raoul Bott, Harvard
Topological aspects of the Feynman rules
11:00 am: Fred Cohen, University of Rochester,
Configuration Spaces and Mapping Class groups
2:00 pm: Charles Boyer, University of New Mexico
Stability Theorems for Spaces of Rational Curves
3:30 pm: Pawel Gajer, Texas A&M
Geometry of higher line bundles, Deligne cohomology, and algebraic cycles
Saturday, April 20

9:30 am: Jim Milgram, Stanford
Holomorphic maps from a Riemann surface to complex projective space
11:00 am: Ezra Getzler, Northwestern University
The homology of the moduli spaces M_{1,n} and their compactifications
2:00 pm: Takashi Kimura, Boston University
Moduli Spaces, Graph Complexes, and Their Representations
3:00 pm: Alexander A. Voronov, University of Pennsylvania
Homotopy Gerstenhaber algebras in topological field theory
4:30 pm: John Jones, Warwick
Equivariant maps between spheres and the 11/8 conjecture

Sunday, April 21

9:30 am: Jack Morava, Johns Hopkins
Topological gravity and quantum cohomology
11:00 am: Lisa Jeffrey, McGill
Quantization commutes with reduction
2:00 pm: Stefan Stolz, Notre Dame
Manifolds of positive scalar curvature -- a survey
3:00 pm: Ruth Lawrence, Michigan
A Holomorphic version of the Witten-Reshetikhin-Turaev invariant
4:30 pm: Robert MacPherson, IAS, (Fields Distinguished Lecture)
Topology of Spaces with Torus Action

Monday April 22

9:30 am: TBA
11:00 am: Paulo Lima-Filho, Texas A&M
Euler-Chow series and projective bundle formulas
2:00 pm: Michael Kapranov, Northwestern University
Rational curves in flag varieties, Eisenstein-Langlands series and affine quantum groups
3:30 pm: Jim Stasheff, University of North Carolina
Compactifications of configuration and moduli spaces