May  9, 2021
Love and Math:
The Heart of Hidden Reality

October 24, 2013 at 5:30 p.m.

Fields Institute, 222 College Street, Toronto

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5:30 p.m. Introduction by James Arthur, University Professor, University of Toronto
Edward Frenkel

Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality

Edward Frenkel is a professor of mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley. His recent work has focused on the Langlands Program and dualities in Quantum Field Theory.
The winner of the Hermann Weyl Prize in mathematical physics, Frenkel has authored two monographs and over eighty scholarly articles in mathematical journals, and he has lectured on his work around the world.
Love and Math is his first book addressed to a wide audience.

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6:00 p.m.

Question and Answers Session
Moderator: Matheus Grasselli

(Questions can be submitted by twitter using the hashtag #loveandmath)

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6:30 p.m.

Reception and book signing (books will be available for purchase)


In his new book Love and Math, Berkeley mathematician Edward Frenkel shows that mathematics, far from occupying a specialist niche, goes to the heart of all matter, uniting us across cultures, time, and space.

Love and Math tells two intertwined stories: of the wonders of mathematics and of one young man's journey learning and living it. Having braved a discriminatory educational system to become one of the leading mathematicians, Frenkel now works on one of the biggest ideas to come out of math in the last 50 years: the Langlands Program. Considered by many to be a Grand Unified Theory of mathematics, the Langlands Program enables researchers to translate findings from one field to another so that they can solve problems, such as Fermat's last theorem, that had seemed intractable before.

Love and Math is an invitation to discover the hidden magic universe of mathematics.

“Part ode, part autobiography, Love and Math is an admirable attempt to lay bare the beauty of numbers for all to see.”
Scientific American

“The words love and math aren’t usually uttered in the same breath. But mathematician Edward Frenkel is on a mission to change that."
Wall Street Journal

Love and Math = fast-paced adventure story + intimate memoir + insider’s account of the quest to decode a Rosetta Stone at the heart of modern math. It all adds up to a thrilling intellectual ride — and a tale of surprising passion.”
Steven Strogatz, Professor of Applied Mathematics, Cornell University, and author of The Joy of x

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