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July 3 to August 28, 2010

The Fields Institute announces a summer research programs for undergraduates to be held during the summer of 2010 at the Fields Institute in downtown Toronto. The program will provide support for up to thirty students to take part in research programs supervised by leading researchers from the Fields Institute sponsoring universities as well as visiting researchers at the Institute. It is planned to be the first in a continuing series of such summer undergradute programs.

Out of town students accepted into the program will receive student residence housing on the campus of the University of Toronto from July 3 to August 28, 2010 ; financial support for travel to Toronto; a per diem for meals and medical coverage for non-Canadian students during their stay.

The undergraduate summer research program is designed to allow talented undergraduates students to work on actual research program under the supervision of distinguished local researchers. Many of the projects in a particular year will be chosen by visitors to the Summer Thematic Program, but not exclusively so. .

Students will be assigned to work on research projects in groups of three or four. It is expected that several of the projects will be related to the Fields summer thematic program on the spread of drug resistance in infectious diseases that will be held at the Institute during July and August, but other topics will also be the focus of student research groups. In some cases, students may also have the opportunity to spend a week off site at the home campus of a project supervisor.

This summer' s program is on Drug Resistance in Infectious Diseases and Jianhong Wu of York University will be leading a project. Students taking part in the program will be assigned to groups of three or four and work under the supervision of an experienced faculty member of an Ontario university. The first week will be spent providing students with the necessary background, while the remaining seven weeks will be spent working on the problem at the Fields Institute, but in some cases a short visit to the faculty member's home department may be arranged.
Some of the faculty who have volunteered this year are:
Marina Chugunova
Peter Danziger
Wu Jianhong
Mohamad Kohendel
Eric Mendelsohn
Dmitry Pelinovsky
Franco Saliola
Brett Stevens
Michael Yampolsky
Sivabal Sivaloganathan
Mike Zabrocki

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