January 19, 2019

Workshop on Adaptive Movement
of Interacting Species
September 10-13, 2009
at the Fields Institute
222 College Street, Toronto

Organizing Committee:
Peter A. Abrams, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto
Yuan Lou, Department of Mathematics, The Ohio State University

Canadian Institute of Ecology & Evolution
Registration on-site Sept. 10
Registration fee $100, PDF or grad. student $50,
waived for invited speakers

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The workshop will examine the implications of adaptive movement by organisms for population
dynamics, interactions between species, and the evolution of characteristics that affect those
interspecific interactions.

Invited participants will give talks on their recent relevant work in the mornings and early afternoons of each day The later afternoons will be devoted to discussions of extensions of existing theory; the first day's discussion will include the whole group and will identify areas where progress might be made. In the final day, the group will break into three or more smaller subgroups that will focus on particular areas and discuss future directions.

The meeting will be held at Fields Institute, Toronto and Koffler Scientific Reserve, University of Toronto.

Invited Participants

Priyanga Amarasekare (Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, California)
Stephen Cantrell (Dept. of Mathematics, Miami)
Peter Chesson (Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Arizona)
Chris Cosner (Dept. of Mathematics, Miami)
Ross Cressman (Dept.of Mathematics, Wilfred Laurier)
Samuel M. Flaxman (Dept.of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Colorado)
John Fryxell (Dept. of Integrative Biology,Guelph)
Richard Gomulkiewicz (Dept.of Biology, Washington State)
Robert D. Holt (Department of Zoology, Florida)
Christopher Klausmeier (Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan State)
Matthew Leibold (Dept.of Integrative Biology, Texas)
Mark Lewis (Dept. of Mathematics and Biology, Alberta)
Kevin McCann (Dept. of Integrative Biology, Guelph)
Roger Nisbet (Dept. of Life Sciences, UCSanta Barbara)
Sebastian Schreiber (Dept. of Ecology, UCDavis)

Tentative Program

Peter Abrams: Impacts of movement costs on between-patch movements and ecological interactions
Priyanga Amarasekare: Non-random dispersal strategies in multi-trophic communities
Steve Cantrell: How biased density dependent movement of a species at the boundary of a habitat patch mediates its within-patch dynamics
Peter Chesson: The effects of adaptive predator movement on coexistence of prey species in a spatially varying environment (with Jessica Kuang)
Chris Cosner: Evolutionary aspects of directed movement in reaction-advection-diffusion models and their discrete analogues
Ross Cressman: Time Scales and Stability in Models of Coevolution
Sam Flaxman: Coevolution of predator and prey movement mechanisms in an individual based model
John Fryxell: Movement, sociality, and spatial predator-prey dynamics in the Serengeti ecosystem
Dick Gomulkiewicz: Evolution of spatial correlations among interacting species.
Bob Holt: The influence of adaptive movement on coevolutionary dynamics
Chris Klausmeier: Adaptive movement of phytoplankton in vertical gradients of light and nutrients
Mark Lewis (with Hannah McKenzie and Evelyn Merrill): First passage time: Connecting random walks to functional responses
Mathew Leibold: Contrasting passive and active dispersal in metacommunity dynamics
Yuan Lou: Evolution of conditional dispersal in spatially heterogeneous habitats
Kevin McCann: The Critical Role of Movement in Large and Small Ecosystems
Roger Nisbet: Adaptive movement and spatial scales in advection-dominated systems
Sebastian Schreiber: Evolution of predator and prey movement in heterogeneous environments
Barney Luttbeg: Adaptive predator and prey movement rules in a spatial game

If information is required regarding the program please contact Peter Abrams[peter.abrams(at)]

Final List of Participants

Full Name University Name
Abrams, Peter University of Toronto
Agrawal, Aneil University of Toronto
Amarasekare, Priyanga University of California, Los Angeles
Avgar, Tal University of Guelph
Beaudoin, Laura University of Guelph
Becks, Lutz University of Toronto
Bhattacharyya, Samit University of Guelph
Biernaskie, Jay University of Toronto
Biswas, Shekhar University of Toronto
Campbell, Rebecca University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Cantrell, Robert Stephen University of Miami
Cherif, Mehdi McGill University
Chesson, Peter University of Arizona
Cobbold, Christina University of Glasgow
Cosner, Chris University of Miami
Cressman, Ross Wilfrid Laurier University
Cruz-Font, Liset University of Toronto
de Kerckhove, Derrick University of Toronto
Dinnage, Russell University of Toronto
Flaxman, Samuel M. University of Colorado at Boulder
Fortin, Marie-Josee University of Toronto
Fryxell, John M. University of Guelph
Gilliam, James North Carolina State University
Golubski, Antonio University of Toronto
Gomulkeiwicz, Richard Washington State University
Hallett, Peter ROM
Holt, Robert D. University of Florida
Huang, Yunxin University of Kentucky
Hughes, Josie University of Toronto
Ismail, Omneia McMaster University
Kent, Clement York University
Klausmeier, Christopher Michigan State University
Kremer, Colin Michigan State University
Kuefler, Daniel University of Guelph
Leibold, Matthew University of Texas at Austin
Lewis, Mark University of Alberta
Lou, Yuan The Ohio State University
Lutscher, Frithjof University of Ottawa
Luttbeg, Barney Oklahoma State University
MacDougall, Andrew University of Guelph
McCann, Kevin S. University of Guelph
McCauley, Shannon University of Toronto
Miller, Beth Michigan State University
Naujokaitis-Lewis, Ilona University of Toronto
Nisbet, Roger University of California, Santa Barbara
Parsons, Todd University of Pennsylvania
Patterson, Kristen DFO/University of Manitoba
Polakowska, Aleksandra University of Toronto
Rayfield, Bronwyn University of Toronto
Ribeiro, Milton University of Toronto
Rico, Yessica University of Toronto
Ruokolainen, Lasse University of Toronto
Schreiber, Sebastian University of California, Davis
Seo, Gunog University of Ottawa
Shuter, Brian J. University of Toronto
Tunney, Tyler University of Guelph
Tyson, Rebecca University of British Columbia Okanagan
Ung, Ricardo University of Toronto
Walker, Steve University of Toronto
Ward, Colette University of Guelph

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