October 23, 2018

"A Celebration of Statistics"

April 30-May 1, 2010
Research Workshop on Data Analysis and Statistical Foundations
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Friday April 30 AM Talks will be in Room 230 at Fields (map to Fields)
Friday April 30 PM Talks will in Bahen Room 1180
Saturday May 1, Talks will be in Room 230 at Fields

Organizing Committee:
Radu Craiu, Graduate Chair, Department of Statistics
Mike Evans, Department of Statistics and UTSC
Sheldon Lin, Department of Statistics
Nancy Reid, Department of Statistics
James Stafford, Department of Statistics (Chair)

Onsite registration April 30.
Registration fee $90, Students & PDF $45,
Banquet tickets $40 each

Schedule Participant List
Audio & Slides of the Talks Speaker Abstracts Accomodation

Affiliated Activities

April 29,2010
Graduate Student Research Day

May 3-4, 2010
Distinguished Lecture Series on Statistical Science
Jianqing Fan, Princeton University

Research Workshop

The theme of the workshop is to highlight the interactive loop that enriches statistical foundations through the needs of applications, and the role of foundations on bringing structure to the approaches needed for new applications. The focus of the talks will be the interaction between foundations and application.

Invited Speakers:
Naomi Altman, Penn State University;
David Brillinger, UC Berkeley;
Arthur Dempster, Harvard University;
Stephen Fienberg, Carnegie Mellon University;
Jerry Lawless, U Waterloo;
Richard Lockhart, Simon Fraser University;
Peter McCullagh, University of Chicago;
Kai Ng, Hong Kong University;
Jon Rao, Carleton University;
Ana-Maria Staicu, North Carolina State University;
Larry Wasserman, Carnegie-Mellon University.


There is a block booking of hotel rooms being held until March 28 at the Holiday Inn (280 Bloor St. West) at $129.99/night. When booking please use the code "DAS". For additional accomodation options please visit the Institute's housing resource page.

Final List of Participants:

Full Name University Name
Abebe, Fisseha Clark Atlanta University
Acar, Elif Fidan University of Toronto
Ahmed, Ejaz U of Windsor
Altman, Naomi S. Pennsylvania State University
Andrews, D.F. University of Toronto
Asllani, Eriola Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Badescu, Andrei University of Toronto
Baskurt, Zeynep University of Toronto
Beyene, Joseph McMaster University
Brenner, David University of Toronto
Brillinger, David University of California, Berkeley
Briollais, Laurent Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
Cai, Tara University of British Columbia
Chong, Yuxiang University of Toronto
Craiu, Radu University of Toronto
Dean, Charmaine Simon Fraser University
Dempster, Arthur P. Harvard University
Evans, Mike University of Toronto
Fan, Jianqing Princeton University
Fan, Jing University of Toronto
Feng, Yang Princeton University
Feuerverger, Andrey University of Toronto
Fienberg, Stephen Carnegie Mellon University
Fraser, Don University of Toronto
Gibbs, Alison University of Toronto
Guo, Weiwei University of Toronto
Guttman, Irwin State University of New York at Buffalo
He, Yu University of Toronto
Jang, Gun Ho University of Toronto
Jarrell, Janet no affiliation
Jin, Zi University of British Columbia
Knight, Keith University of Toronto
Koudstaal, Mark University of Toronto
Lawless, Jerry F. University of Waterloo
Lebovic, Gerald University of Toronto
Levenbach, Hans Delphus, Inc.
Li, Li University of Toronto
Lin, Sheldon University of Toronto
Lin, Wei University of Toronto
Liu, Amy McMaster University
Lockhart, Richard Simon Fraser University
Lu, Hong University of Toronto
Macdonald, Peter McMaster University
McCullagh, Peter University of Chicago
Mojirsheibani, Majid Carleton University
Monette, Georges York University
Neal, Radford University of Toronto
Ng, Kai The University of Hong Kong
Niederhausen, Heinrich Florida Atlantic University
O'Rourke, Keith University of Ottawa
Plantre, Jean-François HEC Montréal
Ramsay, Jim McGill University
Reid, Nancy University of Toronto
Roeder, Kathryn Carnegie Mellon University
Sabeti, Avideh University of Toronto
Saleh, A.K.Md. Ehsanes Carleton University
Seifu, Yodit Novartis
Shestopaloff, Alex University of Toronto
Stafford, James University of Toronto
Staicu, Ana-Maria North Carolina State University
Su, Jie University of Toronto
Sun, Lei University of Toronto
Swartz, Tim Simon Fraser University
Thinniyam, Ramya University of Toronto
Thompson, Madeleine University of Toronto
Thompson, Mary University of Waterloo
Tilahun, Gelila University of Toronto
Tong, Xin Princeton University
Tritchler, David University of Toronto
Viraswami-Appanna, Kalyanee Novartis Oncology
Wang, Xuesong The Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES)
Wasserman, Lawrence Carnegie Mellon University
Wu, Changbao University of Waterloo
Wu, Yan Yan York University
Xu, Lizhen University of Toronto
Xu, Ximing University of Toronto
Yao, Fang University of Toronto
Yi, Grace University of Waterloo
Yilmaz, Yildiz Mount Sinai Hospital
Zhou, Zhou University of Toronto


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