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May 3-5, 2009
International Conference on Nonparametric Methods for Measurement Error Models and Related Topics

School of Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton University

Organizers: A.K.Md.Ehsanes Saleh and M.Ould Haye
For additional information contact A. K. E. Saleh []

Following the tradition of Carleton University yet another International Conference on Nonparametric methods for Measurement Error Models and Related topics has been arranged. In recent years, the scope of application of measurement error models has widened in biostatistics, bio -pharmakinetics , and DNA analysis to name a few among others. Our aim is to rejuvenate the research activity in nonparametric statistics by bringing scholars from all around the globe in this conference to exchange ideas for future developments to meet the need of application . Although, there is vast amount of literature on this topic, there is slow growth in developing robust inference techniques such as rank test and estimation , shrinkage estimation and S-test and estimation in measurement error models. This conference will focus on the current activities in parametric and nonparametric methods and consider new directions on the approach one should take developing these area of research.


S. Ejaz Ahmed (Univerity of Windsor)
Mayer Alvo, University Of Ottawa
Aurore Delaigle ( University of Bristol)
Abdul Ghapor Husain, University Of Malay
Jana Jureckova (Charles University in Prague)
Jan Kalina, Charles University, Prague
Hyang Mi Kim (University of Calgary)
Hira Koul (Michigan State University)
Rafal Kulik, University Of Ottawa
B.Levit (Queen's University)
Yanyuan Ma (Texas A&M University)

Yuliya Martsynyuk (Carleton University)
Ivan Mizera (University of Alberta)
Jan Picek (Technical University of Liberec)
Jon N.K. Rao (Carleton University) Pranab K. Sen, (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Sanjoy Sinha (Carleton University)
Weixing Song (Kansas State University)
John Staudenmayer (University of Massachusetts)
Natalia Steponova (Carleton)
Liquin Wang, University Of Manitoba
Silvelyn Zwanzig (Uppsala University)


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Professor A. K. Md. Ehsanes Saleh, (
School of Mathematics &Statistics,
Carleton University,

REGISTRATION: Registration fee $125.00

Professor A.K.Md.E .Saleh ( or Ould Haye Mohammedu ( .

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The Macphail Room (Hp4351)
School Of Mathematics & Statistics
4th Floor, Herzberg Building, Carleton University

May 3, 2009

8.45-9.00: Welcome: By Professor P .Farrell, Director
Opening Remarks: By Professor M. Csorgo
Session I
Chair: A .K .Md. Ehsanes Saleh, Carleton University
9.00-9.40: Jana Jureckova, Charles University, Prague
Rank Tests in Partially Linear Models with Measurement Errors
9.40-10.20: P .K. Sen, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
The Theil-Sen Estimator In A Measurement Error Model
10.20-10.30: Coffee Break
10.30-11.10: J. N. K. Rao, Carleton University
Small area estimation under nested error regression models with measurement errors in the covariates
11.10-11.50: Hira Koul -Michigan State University (unable to attend)
12.00-1.30 Lunch Break
Session II
Chair: Sanjoy Sinha, Carleton University
1.30-2.10: Aurore Delaigle, University of Bristol
Prediction in Measurement Error Models
2.10-2.50: Jan Picek, Technical University of Liberac
Rank Score Tests in Measurement Error Models
2.50-3.30: Boris Levit, Queens University
Minimax Revisited or Asymptopia in the Age of Personal Computer
3.30-3.40 Coffee Break
Session III
Chair: Mohamedou Ould Haye, Carleton University
3.40-4 .20 Silvelyn Zwanzig, Uppsala University
On R-Estimation in Errors-In-Variables Model
4.20-5.00 Weixing Song, Kansas State University (unable to attend)
May 4, 2009
Session IV
Chair: Natalia Stepanova, Carleton University
9.00-9.40: Y .Ma, Texas A & M
Score-Type Tests in Semi-Parametric Measurement Error Models with Applications to Testing Lack of Fit
9.40-10.20: John Staudenmayer, University Of Massachusetts
Density Estimation In The Presence Of Hetereoskedastic Measurement Error
10.20-10.30 Coffee Break
Session V
Chair: Rafal Kulik, University of Ottawa
10.30-11.10: Abdul Ghapor Husain, University of Malay
The Complex Linear Functional Relationship Model and Detection of Outliers
11.10-11.50: Jan Kalina, Charles University, Prague
Locally Most Powerful Tests Based on Sequential Ranks
12.00-1, 30 Lunch Break
Session VI
Chair: Chul Park, Carleton University
1.30-2.10: Liquin Wang, University of Manitoba
Identifiability and Estimation of Nonlinear Semi-Parametric Models with Measurement Errors
2.10-2.50 Ivan Mizera, University of Alberta
Density Estimation Via Penalised Maximum Entropy
2.50-3.30: Mayer Alvo, University 0f Ottawa
Nonparametric Tests of Hypothesis for Umbrella Alternatives
3.30-3.40 Coffee Break
Session VII
Chair: Yuliya V. Martsynyuk
3.40-4.20: H .M. Kim, University of Calgary
Bias in the Estimation of Exposure Effects with Group-Base Exposure Assessment
4.20-5.00 Rafal Kulik, University of Ottawa
Regression in Random Design with Hetereoscedastic Dependent Errors
May 5, 2009
Session VIII
Chair: Jason Nielson, Carleton University
9.00-9.40: Yuliya V. Martsynyuk, Carleton University
Invariance Principles and Functional Asymptotic Confidence Intervals for the Slope in Linear Structural and Functional Errors in Variables Models
9.40-10.20 Natalia Steponova, Carleton University
Estimation and Detection of Multivariate Functions
10.20-11.00 S .E. Ahmed, University of Windsor
Penalized Estimation in Partially Linear Models
11.00-11.40 Sanjoy Sinha, Carleton University
Robust Analysis of General Linear Models with Missing Responses
11.40-12.00 Closing Remarks - A.K.Md. Ehsanes Saleh


Participant List as of May 4, 2009 -11:45 a.m.

  Fullname University/Affiliation
  Alam, Sarah Nafisah Carleton University
* Alvo, Mayer University of Ottawa
  Amezziane, Mohamed DePaul University
  Charlebois, Joanne Carleton University
rec'd May 3 Chkrebtii, Oksana Other
  Chowdhury, Salehin Carleton University
  Cs÷rgo, Miklˇs Carleton University
  Delaigle, Aurore University of Bristol
  Dumitrescu, Laura University of Ottawa
* Ejaz Ahmed, Syed University of Windsor
  Gromykov, Gennadi Carleton University
rec'd May 2 Halder, Avik Carleton University
  Hooper, Peter University of Alberta
  Hussein, Abdulkadir University of Windsor
* Hussin, Abdul Ghapor University of Malaya
  Jureckova, Jana Charles University in Prague
  Kalina, Jan Charles University
rec'd May 4 Khan, Sabria York University
  Kim, Hyang Mi University of Calgary
*rec'd May 1 Kulik, Rafal University of Ottawa
  Levit, Boris Queen's University
  Li, Song University of Toronto
rec'd May 2 Luo, Ling University of Ottawa
  Ma, Yanyuan Texas A&M University
  Martsynyuk, Yuliya Carleton University
  Mizera, Ivan University of Alberta
  Nasari, Masoud Carleton University
  Nielsen, Jason Carleton University
  Ould-Haye, Mohamedou Carleton University
  Park, Chul Carleton University
  Picek, Jan Technical university of Liberec
rec'd May 3 Rahman, Abu Government of Canada
  Rao, Jon N.K. Carleton University
*rec'd May 2 Saleh, A.K.Md.Ehsanes Carleton University
*rec'd May 2 Sen, Pranab K. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  Sinha, Sanjoy Carleton University
  Staudenmayer, John University of Massachusetts
  Stepanova, Natalia Carleton University
  Szyszkowicz, Barbara Carleton University
Rec'd May 1 Tabrez,Shams Carleton University
  Verret, Franšois Statistics Canada
  Wang, Liqun University of Manitoba
  Williams, Andrew Government of Canada
  Winiszewska, Gosia Carleton University
  Yan, Zheng Carleton University
  Yang, Yu Carleton University
  Zhu, Xu Carleton University
  Zwanzig, Silvelyn Uppsala University
* Li, Sebastian University of Toronto
* Khan, Sabria York University