July 20, 2024

Fall 2005
Renormalization and Universality in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics

October 18-22, 2005
Renormalization and Universality in Mathematical Physics Workshop

Organizing Committee: Pavel Bleher (IUPUI), Dirk Kreimer (CNRS-IHES & Boston)


The workshop covers renormalization in its many aspects. Renormalization has been a central topic in any approach to quantum field theory and statistical physics, and has made connection with modern mathematics in recent years, connecting it to Hopf algebras, polylogarithms and motivic theory.
The workshop will cover a wide range of different approaches to field theory together with these recent developments. It brings together pure mathematicians and physicists which are leading experts in topics ranging from perturbative quantum field theory to the functional integral and nonperturbative approaches, to number theory and algebraic geometry.


Pavel Bleher
David Brydges (UBC)
Michael Fisher (Maryland)
John Gracey (Liverpool)
Li Guo (Rutgers)
Stefan Hollands (Gottingen)
Vladimir Korepin (YITP, Stony Brook)
Dirk Kreimer (CNRS-IHES & Boston)
Robert MacKay (Warwick)
Gerry McKeon (UWO)
Tim Morris (Southampton)
John Palmer (Arizona)
Tom Spencer (IAS)
Ivan Todorov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Stefan Weinzierl (ThEP)
Jean Zinn-Justin (CEA/Saclay)