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Thematic Program on Set Theory and Analysis

Workshop on Descriptive Set Theory, Analysis and Dynamical Systems
October 6-12, 2002

I. Farah (Staten Island College),
G. Hjorth (California, Los Angeles)
A.S. Kechris
(California Institute of Technology)


Descriptive set theory is the study of definable sets and functions in Polish (complete separable metric) spaces. During the last few decades, intriguing connections have been discovered between descriptive set theory and other fields of mathematics, such as classical real analysis, probability theory, potential theory, harmonic analysis, Banach space theory, and ergodic theory.
More recently, a very promising new area, that is now very actively investigated, deals with the development of a theory of complexity of classification problems in mathematics, and the closely related theory of descriptive dynamics, i.e., the theory of definable actions of Polish groups on Polish spaces. A classification problem is in general the question of cataloging a class of mathematical objects up to some notion of equivalence by invariants.
This work brings descriptive set theory into contact with current developments in various areas of mathematics such as dynamical systems, including ergodic theory and topological dynamics, the theory of topological groups and their representations, operator algebras, geometric and combinatorial group theory, etc. Moreover, it provides new insights in the traditional relationships of descriptive set theory with other areas of mathematical logic, as, for example, with recursion theory, concerning the global structure of Turing degrees or with model theory, through the Topological Vaught Conjecture and the general study of the isomorphism relation on countable structures. This subject is now developing very rapidly but many fundamental questions still remain unanswered.
The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers interested in descriptive set theory and its applications or connections with other areas, in order to survey the latest developments and provide them the opportunity to collaborate on such projects.


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