November 15, 2018

Set Theory and Analysis Program

Graduate Course Information

Partition Theory and Banach Spaces
Directors: Ilijas Farah and Stevo Todorcevic.

September 9 - December 16
Mondays at 1:30

The course will begin with a presentation of some of the most important one-dimensional pigeon-hole principles, including theorems of Hindman, Gowers, Hales-Jewett, and Halpern-Lauchli. In the second part of the course we will present a general scheme for stepping-up any such a pigeon-hole principle to the infinite dimension, and obtain Galvin-Prikry theorem and some of its generalizations.

The third, and final, part of the course will be devoted to applications of these ideas to the Banach space theory. In particular, we will prove the Rosenthal l_1 theorem and the Gowers dichotomy for Banach spaces.

Lecture #1
September 9

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Lecture #2
September 13
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Lecture #3
September 23
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Lecture #4
September 30

Lecture #5
October 17

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Lecture #6
October 21
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Lecture #7
October 28
Lecture #8
November 4
Lecture #9
November 25
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Lecture #10
December 2

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