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Numerical and Computational Challenges in Science and Engineering

Informal Working Group on Validated Methods for Optimization
May 27 - 31, 2002 (Please note date change)
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

This working group immediately follows the SIAM Conference on Optimization (May 20 to May 22, 2002) and SIAM Validated Computing 2002 (May 23 to 25, 2002) both of which will be held in Toronto.

Organizers: George Corliss (Marquette University), Tibor Csendes (University of Szeged), Ken Jackson (University of Toronto), and R. Baker Kearfott (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)


We are organizing an informal working group on "Validated Optimization" as part of the Fields Institute Thematic Year on Computational Challenges in Science and Engineering. This meeting will allow researchers in the area to generate and exchange ideas to impact current research in the area, and to identify research priorities. We also hope to foster interaction and cross-fertilization between validated optimization experts and experts in "standard" optimization techniques.

This will be primarily an informal, colleague-to-colleague meeting following the SIAM Conference on Optimization and SIAM Workshop on Validating Computing, although we will be happy to schedule formal talks, as appropriate. The Fields Institute can provide office space and meeting rooms for these purposes.

As an informal meeting, there will be no registration fee. Note also that the Fields Institute will not be able to offer financial assistance to participants.

If you would like to participate please e-mail Tibor Csendes at or R. Baker Kearfott at Please also fill out the registration form, so that name tags etc. can be made.


A block of rooms for participants have been arranged in the hotels listed below. Please request the Fields Institute rate when booking. Rooms must be reserved before April 26, 2002 to receive the Fields rate.

Days Inn
30 Carleton Street,
Toronto, ON, M5B 2E9
Tel: 416 977-6655
Toll Free 1-800-367-9601 (8:30 am- 6pm)
Rate:$125 CDN

Quality Hotel
280 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON, M5S 1V8
Tel: (416) 968-0010
Fax: (416) 968-7765
Rate:$125 CDN

For additional accommodation resources, please see the Fields Visitors Housing page

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