September 25, 2023

Distinguished Lecture Series in Statistical Science
April 16 and 18, 2002 - 4 p.m.

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Donald A. S. Fraser

University of Toronto, Statistics Department
Is the future Bayesian or frequentist?
Statistics has two major persuasions that don't always address statistical issues in the same way or with the same conclusions. For example currently: "High energy physicists have struggled with Bayesian and frequentist perspectives, with delays of several years in certain experimental programmes hanging in the balance." And in the early 19th century: Laplace with preeminent stature as mathematician espoused what would now be called the Bayesian approach in a milieu that was more frequentist than other. The first lecture will briefly summarize details of the two approaches and elements of their historical interplay. The second lecture will examine elements of the interface and then address the question.
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