National Institute for
Complex Data Structures



The NICDS was established as an initiative of Canada's statistical sciences community in response to a pressing need to involve statisticians in collaborations with researchers in subject matter disciplines. Its mandate is to enrich and enlarge the national research enterprise through a powerful new model for the statistical sciences necessary to advance research frontiers in other disciplines. This model has three striking, unique features:

The creation of interdisciplinary research teams with quantitative leadership. The NICDS is unique in Canada in ensuring a critical mass of statistical expertise is brought to bear on research frontiers central to Canada's mandate in scientific discovery. It is the only avenue that actively seeks to bring together expertise in the statistical sciences in partnership with scientists in industry, government agencies and research institutes both here and abroad.

The creation of hybrid quantitative researchers. Novel environments are created that expose the next generation of quantitative researchers to intensely interdisciplinary training ensuring they will become well versed in the language of multiple disciplines and well-trained to hold leadership positions in scientific collaborations in the longer term.

Empowering leadership in the statistical sciences research community. By proactively identifying collaborative opportunities, the NICDS gives a strong voice to the statistical sciences and raises their national profile. It has proved to be a mechanism in the statistical sciences that can align activities, create synergies and set priorities that advance research frontiers in other disciplines.

In the context of this model, and supported by a proactive management team, the NICDS seeds and builds research projects that are national in scope; involve numerous disciplines, partnering institutions, and scientific and networking activities.

The NICDS is managed by a Scientific Director, who is responsible for the overall leadership of the Institute, a Board of Directors and a Scientific Advisory Committee.

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