G20 in Toronto

June 26-27, 2010, Toronto, Ontario will be hosting a 2010 G20 Summit of the world's principal economic leaders, including European Union representation.

The security and protection surrounding such an event involves the collaboration of various law enforcement partners to ensure a successful event. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Toronto Police Service, Canadian Forces (CF), Peel Regional Police, and other security and law enforcement partners, will provide a safe and peaceful environment for the G20 meeting.

Note: the Hilton Toronto, at Univesity and Richmond, is outside of the security zone.

How will the G20 effect the Bachelier Congress

All Bachelier Congress attendees are advised to:
1) Carry photo ID at all times

2) Allow extra travel time to and out of the downtown Toronto core, especially when going to the airport on June 26

"Your conference will be affected by the substantial traffic disruptions, delays, and congestion in the downtown core. Also the whole week, but especially nearing the weekend of the summit, there will be large numbers of people, protestors and police in the area.
Yes, your delegates should carry ID, and be aware of the nature of the crowds, however, they are not within a security zone so will not require registration. ."
Helen DIXON, P.C. #8111
G8 Community Relations Group
Mon 5/17/2010 1:29 PM

From the G20 Integrated Security Unit Home

Traffic and Access
Vehicular traffic in downtown Toronto and surrounding areas will be impacted by the Summit. Highways including the Gardiner Expressway will not be closed, however there will be times when traffic is temporarily restricted due to motorcade travel. Alternative transportation options during the Summit are encouraged.
Some roads inside the security zones may be closed. These closures and alternate routes will be communicated to those directly affected and to the community at large as soon as possible.

Members of the public are encouraged to listen to their local media for the latest traffic updates however, if you are travelling by car to the downtown area you can expect significant delays leading up to and including during the Summit.

Security Measures
In preparation for the G20 Summit, security measures are being undertaken to ensure the safety of all those who live and visit our city.
The installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras has started throughout the downtown core.

The Integrated Security Unit, in partnership with the City of Toronto, has selected Queen's Park North as the Designated Speech Area for the G20 Summit.

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