June 20, 2018

Complexity Theory and Model Theory Seminar Series

Organizers: B. Hart and T. Pitassi


April 11, 2001
Alisdair Urquhart, Philosophy Dept, Univ. of Toronto
The independence of the pigeon hole principle: a nonstandard model theoretic proof

March 28, 2001
Raf Cluckers, Leuven
Infinite pigeonhole principles and Grothendieck rings of definable sets

Feb. 14 , 2001
Steve Cook, Toronto
A model-theoretic proof of the Buss Witnessing Theorem

Feb. 7, 2001
Dugald MacPherson, University of Leeds
Asymptotics of definable sets in finite structures

Dec. 4 , 2000
Alan Woods, Western Australia
Colouring rules for finite trees, and probabilities of monadic second order sentences

Nov. 8, 2000
Deirdre Haskell, McMaster
Quantifier Elimination from a model theorists point of view

Oct. 25, 2000
Alisdair Urquhart, Toronto
Riis’s Complexity Gap for Tree Resolution

Oct. 11, 2000
Bradd Hart, McMaster
The independence property and Vapnik-Chervonenkis dimension