The Fields Institute
Industrial Mathematics Seminar

Monday, February 24, 1997, 4-6 p.m.

Mathematics of Terrestrial Navigation
Dr. Bruno Scherzinger (Chief Scientist, Applanix Corporation)

Applanix Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of integrated GPS/Inertial systems to determine position and orientation in surveying and remote sensing applications.


Navigation on the earth is a discipline engaged in by many different agencies, companies and practitioners. They include aircraft and ship navigators who are interested in knowing where they are and where they are going, and surveyors who are interested in mapping the earth with the greatest possible accuracy.

There are several different methods of navigation, that include inertial navigation, satellite navigation and radio navigation. In addition, integrated navigation systems employ optimal data fusion techniques to combine these different navigation methods for superior accuracy.

This discussion will describe two methods of navigation of particular interest to the author, inertial navigation and satellite navigation, and will describe a method of integrating these methods into an aided inertial navigation system. Some of the mathematics used in integrated navigation include vector calculus, geometry, linear algebra and probability and statistics.


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