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Carolina Benedetti

Email: cbenedet (at) fields (dot) utoronto (dot) ca

Office: Fields: 342
York: 2025 TEL
Office hours: TBD

I am currently a Visiting Member at Fields Institute and a Postdoctoral Fellow at York University. During Fall 2013-Spring 2015, I was a Visiting Associate Professor at Michigan State University, working with Bruce Sagan.

Research interests

My research area is algebraic combinatorics. More specifically I work with combinatorial families like graphs, matroids, permutations, etc. and study their Hopf algebra structures from different perspectives (enumerative, representation theoretically, geometric, algebraic).


Take a look at my CV if you wish.

Articles and preprints

    *You can check them in my Google Scholar site or in arxiv

  • Cancelation free formula for the antipode of linearized Hopf monoids (with N. Bergeron). 2016.

  • Combinatorial Hopf algebras of simplicial complexes (with J. Hallam, J. Machacek). To appear in SIAM J. of Discrete Math. 2015.

  • Antipodes and involutions (with Bruce Sagan). To appear in J. of Comb. Theory Series A. 2014.

  • Fomin-Greene monoids and Pieri operations (with Nantel Bergeron) Fields Institute Comm. 71 (2014).

  • Schubert polynomials and k-Schur functions (with Nantel Bergeron) Electronic J. of Comb. 21-4 (2014).

  • Combinatorial Hopf algebra of superclass functions of type D J. of Alg. Comb. 38-4 (2013).

  • Supercharacters, symmetric functions in noncommuting variables, and related Hopf algebras (joint with 27+ authors) Adv. in Math. 229 (2012).

  • Matroid polytopes and their volumes (with Federico Ardila and Jeffrey Doker) Discrete and Com. Geom. 43-4 (2010).


  • Teselaciones Translation into Spanish of the article Tilings by F. Ardila and R. Stanley. "Gaceta de la Real Sociedad Matematica Espanola" 14 (2011).

    Teaching and seminars


    The Sixth Encuentro Colombiano de Combinatoria ECCO'16 will take place in Barranquilla. You are all invited!.