February 12, 2016

FieldsLive Video Archive

This archive holds videos of past Fields lectures. These videos may be viewed in two ways, by pressing the interactive or static buttons beside each lecture.

The interactive player provides the same unique ability to adjust the view, and zoom in and out when needed, that is provided by our FieldsLive live streaming system. It is still somewhat experimental and under development. It is targeted for desktop use and requires a web browser with the Flash Player plugin (version 11 or later), which is not available on many mobile devices.

Garbled video in the interactive version? May be a Flash Player bug. Try turning off hardware acceleration (right-click on video, choose "Settings", and click left-most icon on bottom to get to the display settings where you can turn it off).

The static button lets you view a precomposed video for viewing in any media player that supports the Ogg Theora video format (support for this is built in to the Firefox and Chrome browsers and should work on mobile devices too). It also allows the video to be downloaded for later viewing (right-click on the button). However, since zooming in is not possible, blackboard writing may not be legible.

The info (and, in some cases, slides) links take you to a web page with information and downloadable slides. If there is no slides link, there may still be downloadable slides available from within the info page.

Workshop on Modular forms around string theory (Other events)

interactive static info Adrian Clingher: Modular forms associated to K3 surfaces endowed with lattice polarizations of high Picard rank (September 16)
interactive static info Yongbin Ruan: (I): Mirror symmetry and modular forms. (September 16)
interactive static info Charles Doran: Families of lattice-polarized K3 surfaces with monodromy (September 16)
interactive static info Andreas Malmendier: Heterotic/F-theory duality and lattice polarized K3 surfaces. (September 16)
interactive static info Ursula Whitcher: Mirror quartics, discrete symmetries, and the congruent Zeta function. (September 16)
interactive static info Tyler Kelly: Berglund–Hübsch–Krawitz Mirrors via Shioda Maps (September 17)
interactive static info Philip Candelas: Puzzles to do with the zeta-fuction for the quintic threefold (September 17)
interactive static info Yongbin Ruan: (II): Mirror symmetry and modular forms. (September 17)
interactive static info Don Zagier: (I) Quasimodular forms and holomorphic anomaly equation (September 17)
interactive static info Sameer Murthy: (I) Quantum black holes, wall crossing, and mock modular forms. (September 17)
interactive static info Daqing Wan: (I) Rational points on a singular CY hypersurface. (September 18)
interactive static info Boris Pioline: Rankin-Selberg methods for closed string amplitudes. (September 18)
interactive static info Jie Zhou: Gromov-Witten invariants and modular forms. (September 18)
interactive static info Steve Kudla: Another product formula for a Borcherds form (September 19)
interactive static info Peng Gao: Extremal bundles on Calabi-Yau manifolds (September 19)
interactive static info Don Zagier: (II) Some number theory coming from string amplitude calculations (September 19)
interactive static info Sameer Murthy: (II) Mathieu moonshine, mock modular forms and string theory. (September 19)
interactive static info Daqing Wan: (II) Mirror symmetry for the slope zeta function. (September 19)
interactive static info Noriko Yui: Automorphy of Calabi–Yau threefolds of Borcea–Voisin type. (September 20)
interactive static info Shinobu Hosono: Mirror symmetry of determinantal quintics (September 20)
interactive static info Philip Candelas: The Lines in the Dwork Pencil of Quintic Threefolds (September 20)
interactive static info Simon Rose: Towards a reduced mirror symmetry for the quartic K3. (September 20)