February 8, 2016

FieldsLive Video Archive

This archive holds videos of past Fields lectures. These videos may be viewed in two ways, by pressing the interactive or static buttons beside each lecture.

The interactive player provides the same unique ability to adjust the view, and zoom in and out when needed, that is provided by our FieldsLive live streaming system. It is still somewhat experimental and under development. It is targeted for desktop use and requires a web browser with the Flash Player plugin (version 11 or later), which is not available on many mobile devices.

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The static button lets you view a precomposed video for viewing in any media player that supports the Ogg Theora video format (support for this is built in to the Firefox and Chrome browsers and should work on mobile devices too). It also allows the video to be downloaded for later viewing (right-click on the button). However, since zooming in is not possible, blackboard writing may not be legible.

The info (and, in some cases, slides) links take you to a web page with information and downloadable slides. If there is no slides link, there may still be downloadable slides available from within the info page.

Conference on Geometric Methods in Infinite-dimensional Lie theory (Other events)

interactive static info Georgia Benkart: Affine Dynkin Diagrams Re-viewed (March 25)
interactive static info Pavel Etingof: Symplectic Reflection Algebras and Affine Lie Algebras (March 25)
interactive static info Terry Gannon: Equivariant K-theory and affine algebras (March 25)
interactive static info Nicolas Guay: Yangians for affine Kac-Moody algebras (March 25)
interactive static info Yoji Yoshii: Locally Affine Lie Algebras (March 25)
interactive static info Vyjayanthi Chari: Prime representations and extensions (March 26)
interactive static info Benjamin Elias: The Soergel conjecture: a proof and a counterexample (March 26)
interactive static info Philippe Gille: The group of points of loop group schemes (March 26)
interactive static info Joel Kamnitzer: Affine MV polytopes and preprojective algebras (March 26)
interactive static info Ghislain Fourier: Weyl modules and subalgebras (March 26)
interactive static info Vera Serganova: Tensor representations of classical Lie superalgebras at infinity (March 27)
interactive static info Ivan Dimitrov: Lagrangian subalgebras of classical Lie superalgebras (March 27)
interactive static info Karl-Hermann Neeb: Bounded Unitary Representations of Lie Algebras of Smooth Sections (March 27)
interactive static info Michael Lau: Lie-Poisson structures for gl(infinity) (March 27)
interactive static info Sabin Cautis: Quantum affine algebra actions on categories (March 27)
interactive static info Olivier Mathieu: On the Classification of ZN-graded Lie Algebras (March 28)
interactive static info Jun Morita: A note on the simplicity and the universal covering of some Kac-Moody group (March 28)
interactive static info Kyu-Hwan Lee: Rank 2 symmetric hyperbolic Kac-Moody algebras and Hilbert modular forms (March 28)
interactive static info Alistair Savage: Hecke Algebras and Formal Group Laws (March 28)
interactive static info Yun Gao: Representation for a class of multiloop Lie algebras (March 28)
interactive static info Hadi Salmasian: A rigidity property of the discrete spectrum of adele groups (March 29)