February 7, 2016

FieldsLive Video Archive

This archive holds videos of past Fields lectures. These videos may be viewed in two ways, by pressing the interactive or static buttons beside each lecture.

The interactive player provides the same unique ability to adjust the view, and zoom in and out when needed, that is provided by our FieldsLive live streaming system. It is still somewhat experimental and under development. It is targeted for desktop use and requires a web browser with the Flash Player plugin (version 11 or later), which is not available on many mobile devices.

Garbled video in the interactive version? May be a Flash Player bug. Try turning off hardware acceleration (right-click on video, choose "Settings", and click left-most icon on bottom to get to the display settings where you can turn it off).

The static button lets you view a precomposed video for viewing in any media player that supports the Ogg Theora video format (support for this is built in to the Firefox and Chrome browsers and should work on mobile devices too). It also allows the video to be downloaded for later viewing (right-click on the button). However, since zooming in is not possible, blackboard writing may not be legible.

The info (and, in some cases, slides) links take you to a web page with information and downloadable slides. If there is no slides link, there may still be downloadable slides available from within the info page.

Workshop on Forcing Axioms and their Applications (Other events)

interactive static info Justin Tatch Moore: Martin's Maximum, a tutorial 1 (October 22)
interactive static info Alan Dow: Martin's Axiom and Initially $\omega_1$-compact Spaces (October 22)
interactive static info Michael Hrusak: Malykhin's problem (October 22)
interactive static info Justin Tatch Moore: Martin's Maximum, a tutorial 2 (October 23)
interactive static info Richard Haydon (October 23)
interactive static info Paul Larson: Models of size $\aleph_1$ in abstract elementary classes (October 23)
interactive static info Stevo Todorcevic (October 23)
interactive static info Juris Steprans: Non-trivial automorphisms from variants of small d (October 24)
interactive static info Matteo Viale: Forcing with forcings (October 24)
interactive static info Hiroshi Sakai (October 24)
interactive static info Antonio Aviles: A weak* separable C(K)* space whose ball is not weak* separable (October 24)
interactive static info Stevo Todorcevic (October 24)
interactive static info David Asperó i Herrando: Iterated forcing with side conditions (October 25)
interactive static info Jordi Lopez Abad: Geometry and operators of some generic Banach spaces (October 25)
interactive static info Piotr Koszmider: Universality in classes of Banach spaces and compact spaces (October 25)
interactive static info Carlos Martinez-Ranero: Invarience Properities of Almost Disjoint Families (October 25)
interactive static info Wieslaw Kubis: A strong Gurarii space of density aleph one (October 26)
interactive static info Itay Neeman: Higher analogs of the proper forcing axiom (October 26)
interactive static info Christina Brech: Biorthogonal systems and the cardinal b under the PID (October 26)