February 10, 2016

A Tour of The Fields Institute facilities

The Fields Institute, 222 College St., Toronto

The Fields Institute moved to its new Toronto home in 1995 from its previous location at the University of Waterloo. Designed by the architectural firm, Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg, the building stands with grace among the neighbouring historic buildings along College Street where it is situated. The exterior's simplicity is contrasted by its many architectural surprises inside.

Rooms. Fields has 3 rooms available for your use, a large lecture room which holds 100 (audio recording of talks are done here), a seminar room which holds 20-25, and our library seminar room which holds 25-35.

Equipment available. Microphone, Overhead projectors, Data projector, Chalk board, Teleconferencing phone, VCR (Equipment available by special order: slide projectors)
** Please note the all talks given in the seminar room are recorded for the Fields audio archive.

Offices. Offices are offered to participants depending on availablity. Priority is given to organizers, Fields post-doc's, long-term visitors and speakers, followed by short-term visitors and graduate students. All offices are shared, but each visitor has their own workspace and computer. Please discuss whether offices will be available for your event with the Program Manager.

SMART Room (Rm 332)

The SMART Room contains an interactive whiteboard and videoconferencing equipment, which can be used for remote collaboration and for remote participation in Fields events.
The videoconferencing equipment is mobile and can be used in the other lecture rooms as well as the SMART room.
For more information, see Facilities for Remote Participation and Collaboration.

Lecture Room (Rm 230)

Often visitors to Fields will come just for the many workshops, seminars and courses that are held here on a daily basis. The Lecture Room shown here holds up to 100 people and is the favored room for hosting the larger events. A LCD projector, overhead projectors, a microphone system, Video and VCR, and large blackboards are available for use.


Board Room (Rm 210)

This room is more conducive to group discussion than the larger Lecture Room, and is often used for tutorials, meetings, and smaller events.


The James Stewart Library

The Stewart library can be used as a classroom for smaller lectures and seminars, accommodating up to 40 participants. It has blackboards, a screen for overheads, and is fully networked. When not in use, it is suitable for visitors with laptops to gain access to a network.


Atrium and Spiral Staircase

This impressively crafted helix staircase is the defining feature of The Fields Institute. It effectively unifies the interior's design, and connects the upstairs offices with the activities of the main floor. It is not an uncommon site to see our visitors (and staff) gazing meditatively at its curvature, perhaps waiting for a spark of inspiration.

Dining and Tea Area

To the rear of the building, adjacent to the Atrium, is our entertaining area. It is a general eating and socializing area. Visitors are encouraged to socialize and exchange ideas at the tea hosted here each weekday at 3:00 pm. On the coldest winter days, and for the receptions held here, the fireplace is lit and adds a cheery warmth to the space. There is also a kitchen available to visitors to the east of this room.


Computer Stations

There is a computer room located above the front entrance near the reception desk. Upstairs on the third floor of our building, visitors have access to the three main computer areas located here. Accounts may be set up with the receptionist upon arrival.

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