August  4, 2015

Please submit the Reimbursement Claim form within two weeks of the event you are attending.
Forms submitted six months or longer after the end of the event will not be reimbursed.
Processing of reimbursements will take approx. 4-8 weeks after this form is received by the Fields Institute. Please ensure you that you arrive with sufficient on-hand funding for your visit.
Any inquiries regarding your expense reimbursement payment should be directed to the Financial Department at

Cheques will be sent to the mailing address on the claim form in the currency indicated by the claimants.
Claimant's staying more than one month at Fields are encouraged to have their cheques sent to Fields.

Local Expenses

Travel Expenses

(accommodation and meals)
If your letter of invitation offers support of local expenses (accommodation and meals) the maximum accommodation expense which can be reimbursed is $170 per night and the maximum for meals is $55 per day.
  • Per Diem
    $55/day *NO RECEIPTS REQUIRED* to cover meals and incidental expenses
    the amount is adjusted if meals are provided

  • Accommodation Reimbursement **PROOF OF PAYMENT/RECEIPTS REQUIRED*
    Fields will reimburse actual costs up to $170/day or $2400/mth.
    Receipt required is the detailed statement of guest charges from the host establishment. Make sure in the receipt mentions the following information:
    1) Hotel name and addres, dates of the stays ( from start date to end date)
    2) Amount paid and means of payment paid (Visa/MasterCard or any other credit card)

Shared Accommodation
When submitting for shared accommodation, please request the party submitting the expense claim to indicate the name of each person and amount paid by each.

Gratuitous Accommodation
Where lodging is provided gratuitously with friends or family, $30/day may be claimed. (Claimant is required to attach a signed note or email from the person who provided the accommodation indicating dates of stay)

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Reimbursement of economy travel -bus/train/air/car **PROOF OF PAYMENT/RECEIPTS REQUIRED**
Fields does not provide reimbursement for expenses incurred during travel, such as food and accommodation.
Economy Air Travel -- Expenditures on air travel should not exceed economy rates by the most direct route.
  • Airfare and Rail

    Include original boarding passes plus one of these items which indicate the method of payment and the amount paid.

    - Paper ticket, Customer portion identified as the "Customer/Passenger Coupon and/or ''Not Good for Passage"
    - E-ticket, Copy of the ticket confirmation
    - If proof of payment is not indicated on the above mentioned documents, additional proof of payment is required e.g. copy of credit card statement
    Note: If claimant is submitting only one way boarding pass, indicate on the expense reimbursement form you will be mailing return portion.
    (Multi-leg flights and/or business class: For supported travel where a person as taking flights in multiple legs or business class we ask them to provide an estimate through a travel agency or web-site of what the return flight would have cost if it were direct from their home institution to the Fields Institute. *A formalized quote from a travel agency or electronic print out from a web-site are both acceptable giving an estimated economy price flight that is made around the time the actual ticket is booked.)

    Rail attach passenger ticket stub to reimbursement claim
  • Bus/Taxi/Parking - attach original receipt to reimbursement claim

  • Owned vehicles- kilometerage (please attach map showing route and kilometerage to claim)

a) It is recommended that funded claimants use personally owned vehicles for short trips where this is the more economical means of transportation or where no suitable public transportation is available.

b) The standard is that personally owned vehicles may be used for trips up to 500 km, round trip. For longer trips if the claimant uses their own vehicle reimbursement of kilometer age will be limited to their offer of travel support (equivalent to economy travel to and from their destination).

c) Travel costs by car are reimbursed at the rate of $ .47 km., indicate travel points and distance (Attach original parking and/or gas receipts along with map printout of route taken to provide backup)

  • Rental vehicles

a) Travelers should request the lowest available rental rate when booking. The standard is a midsized car.

b) Rental cars should be used only when less expensive transportation is not available and would be a reasonable method of transportation for round trip journeys of 500 km. If a trip is greater than 500 km., reimbursement of rental costs will be limited to the claimant's offer of travel support (equivalent to economy travel to and from their destination).

c) Gas receipts may also be submitted for reimbursement.

Other Reimbursable items

i. Flight/Travel cancellation insurance
ii. Entry visa fees ARE an allowable expense (but NOT Passport and immigration fees)

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i. Parking tickets, speeding tickets and other traffic fines under any circumstance
ii. Personal phone calls and entertainment expenses (e.g. movies, magazines, hotel facilities)
iii. Personal travel insurance is NOT reimbursable (but Flight/Travel cancellation insurance is reimbursable)
iv. Passport and immigration fees are NOT an allowable expense
v. Travel stopovers
vi. Baggage fees
vii. Passport and immigration fees expenses
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