February  8, 2016

Sample Invoice

(The invoice must be prepared by the finance department at your University rather than by an individual. When Fields pays an invoice to a university for expenses it is done on the understanding that the expenses will be processed according to NSERC rules and that the Finance department, which has a fiduciary responsibility to NSERC to administer grants, will be responsible to NSERC for the use of these funds. )

Mail to:
The Fields Institute
att: Manager of Scientific Programs
222 College Street
Toronto, M5T 3J1


To: The Fields Institute

For: Participant support for NSERC eligible expenses for (name of your event, dates of the event)
(or indicate what Fields is providing support for)

Amount: $XXX


Mailing address for payment

Note: Accounting of funds
Fields will require an accounting of funds spent 1-2 months after the event and unspent funds must be returned to Fields.