September 30, 2014

Facilities and Resources for Event Organizers

1. Overview Web page, Registration, Travel Support Funding and Advertising

2. Budgeting

3. Planning and Fields Staff

4. Time Lines

5. Event Format Schedule, Booklets, Catering, Audio Archive


1. Overview of Resources provided through Fields include:

1.a Web Page and On-line Registration and Travel Support Funding Applications

Fields can host a web page on our site and set-up on-line registration. If you would like Fields to host the web page and/or registration we will require an overview of the event for the web page and the details of registration (i.e. registration fees, whether there is a discounted student rate, or a banquet, etc.). Fields can also set up an on-line funding request form for students if you intend to take applications for support. The registered participant list (and funding requests if applicable) will be put onto a web page and updated weekly. If you intend to charge a registration fee there is a 3% charge by Fields on on all income received through on-line registration to cover banking charges on the processing of credit card payments.

Registration is cut off one week before an event to allow time for event materials to be prepared, after this time participants are welcome to register on-site the first day of an event

Alternately event organizers are welcome to arrange your own web page and registration. Once you have the web page set up though would you please send us the URL so we can link to it from our site.

1.b Funding

a) If you would like Fields to administer the support funding, invitations offering support to participants can be sent through Field and Fields will take care of processing expense reimbursements. With this method, once you know who you would like to invite with offers of support please pass this along to me and I will prepare a budget for your approval and send out invitations on your behalf

b)Alternately you are welcome to invoice Fields for the full support being offered. Please indicate on the invoice that the funds are in support of "NSERC eligible expenses" and send the signed invoice to the attention of the Manager of Scientific Programs at Fields. In this case Fields will require an accounting of funds spent after the Workshop and unspent funds must be returned to Fields. Overhead costs are capped at 10% of Fields funding expended on scientific activity. Sample invoice
Note, if support funding is not claimed by one month after the event Fields commitment of support will be removed.

1.c Advertising

Fields staff will advertise the event on our web site and activity listings and can prepare posters to be mailed to the event organizers as well as our sponsoring and affiliate universities.(communications<at>

2. Budgeting and Inviting Participants/Speakers

  • The Manager of Scientific Programs will work with organizers to draw up a budget for an event .
    see: Budget Guidelines for visitor support and workshop costs

  • Income
    Income may include Fields support, sponsorships, NSERC grant support, registation fees, etc.
    The Fields Manager of Scientific Programs can assist organizers by negotiating the transfer of funding from other funding agencies to Fields, this can include items such as invoices to an NSERC grant, NSF grant holder or other supportor an event.
    • Registration Fees.
      The budget estimates for an event will assist in deciding on the registration fee levels. Matters for consideration include whether speakers will be charged a registation fee and whether fees will be reduced for students, funding of receptions or banquets.

  • Expenses
    All funding offered to participants which is to reimbursed through Fields must meet budget constraints. Fields will send an "official letter of invitation" indicating support to the participants and how their expenses will be reimbursed through the Fields reimbursement claim form. Expenses consist of 1) visitor support, 2) workshop overhead expenses such as catering, receptions, excursion, printing, mailouts etc. 

3. Planning and Fields Staff

  • Manager of Scientific Programs. Event organizers will first work with the Manager of Scientific Programs, to arrange a date for the event, draw up a preliminary budget, discuss the funding of invited participants and set-up the event web page and registration details. The Program Manager will maintain the budget for the event.
  • Program Coordinator. After preliminary planning is in place, the event will be coordinated by a staff Program Coordinator to finalize the event details, record registration, web site updates, event scheduling, day to day running of the event, communication with participants, prepare all event materials and arrange for catering . During your event they will provide information regarding expense reimbursement, assist with equipment for speakers and the recording of talks.

4. Time Lines

    • 12-6 months before event to be held at Fields
      • Date of event set with Fields Manager of Scientific Programs
      • Event organizers must provide an outline of the event to Manager for web page, event alias and URL set. This information should include the title of the event, the names of organizers, an overview of the main topics or focus of the event and a preliminary list of invited speakers where applicable.
      • If Fields is administering the support funding:
        • Manager of Scientific Programs will draw-up preliminary budget with organizers..
        • Event organizers must provide names and addresses of funded participants/speaker to Manager of Scientific Programs. Official invitations sent from Fields to funded participants/speakers. Claim forms will be processed through Fields
      • Event organizers to provide Program Manager with mailing list to advertise event where available.
    • 4 months before event
      • If requested registration page up set up through Fields on event web page, Fields Program Coordinator will maintain list of registrants and process any registration fees.
    • 2 months before event
      • Organizer must provided to Program Coordinator a speakers list with contact information. The Program Coordinator will solicit abstracts for the Program Booklet.
    • 1 month before event
      • All speaker abstracts must be received by Program Coordinator..
    • 2 weeks before event
      • Organizers to finalize and proof event schedule with Program Coordinator
    • 2-4 weeks after event
      • Scientific report is to be submitted to the Fields Directorate office for the Fields Annual Report and Newsletter

5. Event Format

    • Scheduling
      • A standard workshop lasts five days (M-F) and has about twenty talks (four per day, with a free afternoon on Wednesday.) One of our goals is to encourage a ``workshop'' atmosphere where participants can interact rather than merely sit and listen to lectures.
      • The Institute is open 9-5 during the week, and can be staffed 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday to Friday, 9-5 on Saturday during events. Staffing is also available one evening during an event if a reception is planned. Participants can be given keys to the building if they wish to use the faciltites after hours. The Institute is closed Sundays.

    • Program Booklets
      • Organizers must give their Program Coordinator a speaker list 2 months before an event, the Program Coordiantor will contact speakers for their talk titles and abstracts for inclusion in Program Booklet.
        Speakers are encouraged to prepare support material (slides) as all talks will be recorded and available on-line afterwards along with slides. see
      • All speaker abstracts must be received 1 month in advance of the event to be included in Program Booklet.
      • Organizers to finalize event schedule with Program Coordinator 2 weeks before event

    • Event Catering and Entertainment
      • Morning coffee and afternoon tea breaks will be arranged by the Program Coordinator for your event, please note that the regular Fields tea break is at 3 p.m. each day.
      • Receptions can also be arranged for your event through the Program Coordinator, with a cash bar and light hors d'oeuvres
      • Hosted Receptions, Banquets, Luncheons or Excursions are arranged only on a cost recovery basis supported with a registration fee or sponsorships. As it is necessary to budget the cost of these items please discuss this option with the Program Manager before registration for your event is open.

    • During the Workshop
      On the first day of your event, during the welcome to participants, please also introduce the Program Coordinator for the event, and indicate they will be assisting participants with reimbursment claim forms and any questions that may arise. Also announce to speakers that they are being recorded for the Fields web audio and to give their presentations to the Program Coordinator to be copied.
    • Housing. The Institute can assist in arranging housing for funded visitors in additional our housing resource web page is available with a variety of housing options for visitors.