November 26, 2015

Budget Guidelines for Event Organizers


1. Budgeting income and expenses

The Manager of Scientific Programs will work with organizers to draw up a budget for an event.

  • Income
    Income may include Fields support, sponsorships, NSERC grant support, registation fees, etc.
    The Fields Manager of Scientific Programs can assist organizers by negotiating the transfer of funding from other funding agencies to Fields, this can include items such as invoices to an NSERC grant, NSF grant holder or other supportor an event.

  • Registration Fees
    The budget estimates for overhead costs will assist in deciding on the registration fee levels. Please consider when setting the fees whether speakers will be charged or whether fees will be reduced for student.
    Standard registration fees are estimated at $25/day to cover coffee breaks and a cash bar reception. If a lunch is to provided add $15-20/day.
    Banquets, luncheons or excursions are arranged only on a cost recovery basis supported with a registration fees, ticket sales or organizer arranged sponsorships. As it is necessary to budget the cost of overhead accurately please discuss this option with the Program Manager to set registration fees for your event at an appropriate level.

    Post event registration fees
    Onsite events at Fields
    Registration fees are subject to 3% bank charges and are to be used for expenses related to this activity, particularly catering costs. In the event that there is a fee surplus after the event the surplus can be returned to the organizers only if there is an explicit
    prior agreement with the organizer to cover expenses of future events directly related to this activity, such as the next installment of a series of conferences already planned. Otherwise Fields will retain the funds in lieu of overhead costs.

    Offsite events at another Institution:
    When registration fees are collected by Fields for off site activites, registration fees will be sent to the Institution and are subject to 3% bank changes and less any courier charges (e.g mailing program packages from Fields to the Institution). Registration fees are to be used for expenses related to this activity, particularly catering.

  • Expenses
    All funding offered to participants which is to reimbursed through Fields must meet budget constraints. Fields will send an "official letter of invitation" indicating support to the participants and how their expenses will be reimbursed through the Fields reimbursement claim form.
    Total workshop expenses consist of 1) visitor support, 2) workshop overhead expenses such as catering, receptions, excursion, printing, mailouts etc. 


Fields activitely seeks to include qualified researchers, particularly women, aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities. Support for participants to events consists of amounts allocated for local support and travel support. Total support amount offered to participants is dependent on event budget.

a) LOCAL EXPENSES-Accommodation and meals up to $4,050/mth
Per Diem offered is $55/day to cover meals/incidental expenses ( no receipts required)
Accommodation costs are capped at $200/day to a max. of $2400/mth. to cover accommodation, receipts must be included when requesting reimbursement of these costs.
*per diem rate is adjusted if meals are provided
-Fields maintains a housing resource page at assist visitors with a listing of moderately priced accommodations.

For Graduate Students and Postdocs ( total support amount is dependent on event budget)
- students can be encouraged to have home university or local grant agencies, etc. cover travel costs or share costs
- funding total can be decreased in summer months when summer residences are available.

Reimbursement formula for local expenses (accommodation and meals)

    Maximum Amount Payable
    # of Days Per diem Accommodation
    Total Daily
    1 55 170 $225
    2 110 340 $450
    3 165 510 $675
    4 220 680 $900
    5 275 850 $1,125
    6 330 1020 $1,350
    7 385 1190 $1,575
    8 440 1360 $1,800
    9 495 1530 $2,025
    10 550 1700 $2,250
    11 605 1870 $2,475
    12 660 2040 $2,700
    13 715 2210 $2,925
    14 770 2380 $3,150
    15 825 2400 $3,225
    16 880 2400 $3,280
    17 935 2400 $3,335
    18 990 2400 $3,390
    19 1045 2400 $3,445
    20 1100 2400 $3,500
    21 1155 2400 $3,555
    22 1210 2400 $3,610
    23 1265 2400 $3,665
    24 1320 2400 $3,720
    25 1375 2400 $3,775
    26 1430 2400 $3,830
    27 1485 2400 $3,885
    28 1540 2400 $3,940
    29 1595 2400 $3,995
    30 1650 2400 $4,050

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The Institute covers the economy class travel for flights, trains and bus up to predetermined amounts that are based on market prices and reassessed on a bi-yearly basis.
Note: Guidelines are applicable for 2014

Type of Travel Place Maximum Range Return fares
Airfare Asia/India/ Africa $1,200 - $2,500 (avg. $1,600)
  Australia/New Zealand $2,400 - $3,000 (avg. $2700)
  Canada - East $250-$750 (avg. $450)
  Canada - West $700-$950 (avg. $800)
  Europe - Eastern

$800 - $1,400 (avg. $1000)

  Europe - Western $850- $1,200 (avg. $950)
  South America $2,800 - $1000 (avg. $1600)
  USA - East $500 - $700 (avg. $450)
  USA - West $600 - $900 (avg $600)
Train Canada - East $600
  Canada - West $800
Bus Ontario $200-300
Car   47 cents/kilometer
The standard is that personally owned vehicles may be used for trips up to 500 km, round trip. For longer trips if the claimant uses their own vehicle reimbursement of kilometer age will be limited to their offer of travel support (equivalent to economy travel to and from their destination).



Morning coffee and afternoon tea breaks are to be covered by registration fees or outside sources. *Please note that the regular Fields tea break is at 3 p.m. each day.
For events covering catering costs, refreshment costs are as follows:
At Fields Institue: Morning coffee and afternoon tea breaks at $10-12/day per person (with luncheon $25-30/day per person).
Off-site catered: Morning coffee and afternoon tea breaks at $12-18/day per person (with luncheon $30-35 day per person).

Receptions (covered by registration fees or sponsored) can also be arranged for your event through the Program Coordinator, with a cash bar and light hors d'oeuvres

    Hosted Receptions -A wine and cheeses reception during the event will cost approx $12-15 per person for hot and cold hors d'oeuvres and a host bar service. We recommend that receptions have a subsidized cash bar arrangement with wine or beer at $2/glass.

    Banquets and Dinners
    Buffet dinner on-site or at a local restaurant,- approx. $50-75 per person
    Banquets -approx. $60 -80 pp on campus includes wine with dinner; bar costs separate + 15% service charge, costs vary depending on location. Please contact the Program Manager for your event for banquet information and choices of location.
    On-campus choices include the Faculty Club for groups up to 100, or Hart House for groups over 100.
    Off-campus choices include a Chinese Banquet at approx. $30 pp, or an Italian Restuarant at $60-75/pp plus the cost or drinks or a cash bar can be arranged.

    Bus Excursions
    Toronto-Niagara Falls-Toronto
    $700-$1,000 + GST depending on time of year for 54 passenger bus
    (Winery tours are an additional $100 for a group, Icewine Tour is $12 per guest )


Fields Institute Support for scientific expenses
Support for Postdoc's, organizers grant


NSF support for American Participants through Prof. Red
Income for Workshop Costs  
Registration Fees
Sponsorship of reception by Acme
Total Income
Visitor Support
6 days
(55/day for meals + up to $170/day for accommodations)
Economy Travel Expenses up to:
John Brown, Europe East
Joan White, Montreal Univ,
Students Betty Yellow, Univ. of Guelph( funded as junior)
Students Bill Pink, Univ. of Waterloo ( funded as junior)
Jed Green, Post-doc, UK
Shawn Orange, American
(US Carrier)


Workshop Costs
Coffee breaks and Lunch during workshop (covered by registration fees)
Host Reception
Total Expense

**The Institute can assist organizers support a program through invoices to an organizers NSERC grants for the support of a PDF, program visitor or grad student who is participating in the program.
In addition the Institute can invoicing sponsors for their support to an event.