February  6, 2016

Steps for Publication of a Fields Communications Series Volume

  1. The editors issue a call for papers. It is vital that all potential authors use the "Author Guide" and the LaTeX guide and macros and that the papers are submitted in AMS-LaTeX. We do not accept Plain TeX or AMS-TeX.

  2. Authors send a copy of their paper to the Editors for refereeing; the editors send them out for refereeing.

  3. After papers are accepted, authors (or the editors on behalf of the authors) send the “final version” of the manuscript (in the form of a LaTeX file) to; and the editors send the referees' reports to the Managing Editor

  4. The publisher formats the volume and sends authors the proofs, and the Publication forms for signatures. The editors also receive the necessary Publication forms to complete and send them to the publisher.

  5. The editors receive a complete copy of the volume for proofreading.

  6. After the editors and the Fields Institute Managing Editor for Publications sign off on the volume, Springer will publish the volume approximately 13 weeks after receipt.