The National Program on
Complex Data Structures


NPCDS/SAMSI Workshop on The Design and Analysis of Computer
Experiments for Complex Systems

July 13-17, 2004 Banff Alberta, Canada

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Sponsored by:
Simon Fraser University
Industrial Statistics Lab at Simon Fraser University
National Programme on Complex Data Structures

Workshop Organizers:

Jim Berger - Duke University, SAMSI
Derek Bingham - Simon Fraser University
Randy Sitter - Simon Fraser University
Jamie Stafford - University of Toronto, NPCDS
Will Welch, UBC


The National Programme on Complex Data Structures (NPCDS) and the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) are please to announce a workshop in the emerging area of computer experiments with partial funding from the Industrial Statistics Laboratory at Simon Fraser University. The workshop addresses the issues of the design and analysis of experiments for complex computer models. It aims to bring together world leaders in the design of experiments and computer simulation of complex systems to study emerging problems in this area.

The availability of computer models has brought new and important challenges. In many situations, simulation of complex phenomena is computationally expensive and thus a judicious choice of experiment trials is necessary. The notion of what is a good choice of trials is integrally related to how the responses are to be evaluated or analyzed. Choosing a good experiment plan has become more challenging in recent years as model fitting and evaluation of complex computer models have required ever more intricate methods. The workshop aims to specifically address three main problems facing experimenters: 1.) Factor Screening in High Dimensions; 2.) Function Fitting in High Dimensions; and 3.) Integration of Physical and Computer Experiments.

The format of the workshop aims to facilitate interaction among the academics, industry researchers and graduate student. There will be a combination of talks, poster sessions, break out sessions and roundtable discussions. To help the collaborative process, space will be limited to roughly 35 participants. In addition, it is hoped that each of the participants will give a presentation of some sort. There is space still available. If you are interested in attending, please contact Derek Bingham at

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