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Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Workshop on Taking Advantage of Theory and Analyses in Neuroscience:
A hippocampal microcircuit focus
at the
Fields Institute, Stewart Library

222 College St. Toronto

Workshop Organizer:
Dr. Frances K. Skinner
Toronto Western Research Institute
University Health Network

It is clear that theoretical and mathematical approaches are strongly needed in Neuroscience today. However, the development of new experimental techniques and tools is yielding data not previously attainable, and this is changing and challenging theoretical approaches.

In this workshop, we start from the perspective that what is needed is to have strong, clear and well-defined interactions between theoretical approaches and insight, and the experimental data and its context, so that we can move closer to determining mechanisms actually implemented by the brain.

In this one-day workshop, research talks where well-defined interactions exist will be given. The area of focus is cellular microcircuits in hippocampus, and talks will include didactic aspects with opportunity for discussion and interaction. Theoretical aspects will include dynamical systems and bifurcation analyses, mean field theory, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for parameter estimation, simulations and analyses.


10:00-10:30 Coffee and tea
10:30-10:45 A welcome and overview by Frances Skinner

Frances Skinner & Katie Ferguson (Toronto)
A perspective, hippocampal microcircuits, and network simulations with direct experimental linkages

11:45-12:45 Sue Ann Campbell & Wilten Nicola (Waterloo)
Population density methods, the mean field approach and application to hippocampal microcircuitry
12:45-2:00 Lunch Break
2:15-3:15 Emily Stone (Montana)
Modeling cholinergic modulation of presynaptic connections in the hippocampal microcircuitry - Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) parameter estimation methods and geometric/bifurcation analyses
3:15-3:30 Coffee and closing discussions

Participants as of May 29

Full Name University/Affiliation
Andrews, Rob no affiliation
Campbell, Sue Ann University of Waterloo
De, Arijit University of Toronto Scarborough
Ferguson, Katie University of Toronto
Grigorovsky, Vasily University of Toronto
Lankarany, Milad Sick Kids Hospital, Peter Gilgan Center for Research and Learning
Mostafa, Fariya University of Toronto
Nicola, Wilten University of Waterloo
Njap, Felix University of Waterloo
Oliveira, Caio University of Toronto
Raju Nayak, Chitra University of Toronto
Shapoval, Maria Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
Skinner, Frances Toronto Western Hospital
Stone, Emily The University of Montana
Viviano, Joseph York University
Vu, Michael University of Toronto
Zivari-Piran, Hossein York University



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