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September 28 - October 1, 2010

Complexity and Variability Round Table Discussion
University of Ottawa

to be held at Montebello, Quebec

Organizing Committee:
Chair: Dr. Andrew JE Seely, MD, PhD
Zeb Khan, MSc Event Coordinator (montebelloroundtable[at]

Organizing Institutions:
Division of Thoracic Surgery, The Ottawa Hospital
Department of Critical Care Medicine, The Ottawa Hospital
Dynamical Analysis Lab, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI)
University of Ottawa

Registration application Fee
Clinicians/Faculty $400,
Graduate Students/PDF $150
( includes on-site meals)
Fee waived for invited speakers
(On-line until October 1, 2010)

For latest information about this meeting please visit our site
Maps and Accommodation for registrants and invited speakers
are displayed on this site.


The Variability Round Table is a unique initiative to bring together experts and students with knowledge of medicine, theoretical physics, and mathematics to complete the following primary objectives;

1) to discuss theories regarding the origins and etiology of complexity in physiological signals
2) examine and refine the methodology of continuous variability analysis
3) review and discuss the clinical applications of complex systems science, and
4) discuss and foster trans-disciplinary collaborative research projects.

The organizing committee recognizes the importance of maintaining its academic objectives. The group has a mission to promote post-graduate education by making presentations and discussions available to graduate students according to subject themes and, subsequently collate, review and publish the resultant contributions in journals.


Dr. Ryan Arnold -- Cooper University Hospital
Dr. Andriy Batchinsky -- U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research Ft. Sam Houston
Dr. Jason Bates -- University of Vermont Toronto
Dr. Tim Buchman -- Emory University School of Medicine
Dr. Marcel Filoche -- CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique
Dr. Martin Frasch -- CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center
Dr. Leon Glass -- McGill University
Dr. Paul Godin -- Sequoia Hospital
Dr. Markad Kamath -- McMaster University
Dr. Stuart Kauffman -- University of Vermont College of Medicine
Dr. Christophe Letellier -- University of Rouen
Dr. Peter Macklem -- McGill University Health Center
Dr. Geoffrey Maksym -- Dalhousie Univ
Dr. John Marshall -- St Michael's Hospital
Dr. Carolyn McGregor -- University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Dr. Randall Moorman -- Univ of Virginia
Dr. John Morris -- Vanderbilt Medical Center
Ms. Vera Nenadovic -- Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids
Dr. Patrick Norris -- Vanderbilt Univ School of Medicine
Dr. Jose Luis Perez-Velazquez -- Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids.

Dr. Andrew Seely -- The Ottawa Hospital
Dr. Adam Seiver -- Respironics Inc, Philips Healthcare
Dr. Thomas Similowski -- University of Paris
Dr. Daby Sow -- IBM T.J Watson Research Center, NY
Dr. Christian Straus -- University of Paris, Groupe Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière
Dr. Bela Suki -- Boston University

Please contact Zeb Khan, MSc Event Coordinator (montebelloroundtable[at] if requesting travel support.

Participants are asked to arranged their own transportation of Montebello.

Final List of Participants:

Full Name University Name
Arnold, Ryan Cooper University Hospital
Batchinsky, Andriy U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research
Bates, Jason University of Vermont
Buchman, Tim Emory University School of Medicine
Catley, Christina University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Duchatellier, Carl Frederic Sainte-Justine Hospital
Filoche, Marcel Ecole Polytechnique
Frasch, Martin CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center
Glass, Kathleen  
Godin, Paul Sequoia Hospital
Iolov, Alexandre University of Ottawa
Kamath, Kamath McMaster University
Kauffman, Stuart University of Vermont
Macklem, Peter McGill University Health Center
Maksym, Geoffrey Dalhousie University
Marshall, John St Michael's Hospital
McGregor, Carolyn University of Ontario Institute of Technology
McNair, Douglas Cerner Corp
Moorman, Randall University of Virginia
Morris, John Vanderbilt Medical Center
Nenadovic, Vera Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids
Perez-Velazquez, Jose Luis Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids
Seely, Andrew University of Ottawa
Seiver, Adam Respironics Inc, Philips Healthcare
Similowski, Thomas University of Paris
Sow, Daby IBM T.J Watson Research Center, NY
Straus, Christian University of Paris
Suki, Bela Boston University
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