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October 9-11, 2010 RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Comparative Genomics

University of Ottawa

Organizing Committee:
Conference Chair: David Sankoff, University of Ottawa

The meeting is being organized by David Sankoff and his students and postdocs.

This is a computational biology meeting with approximately 100 attendees focused on genome level evolution, models and algorithms for chromosomal rearrangement, whole genome duplication, gene families, etc., but including in its scope comparisons at the
genome sequence, expression or network levels, normal or pathological, and related topics, some entirely mathematical, a few primarily biological. This work is selected from among rigorously refereed full-paper submissions and published in a Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science proceedings volume in time to be circulated at the conference.
The highlights of the conference, however, are the invited keynote speakers on recent biological/medical research in areas pertinent to the field.

The scope of the field is broadening under the challenge of increasing numbers of large genomes being sequenced at the current time.

The meeting is organized into 6 sessions, one on the morning and one in the
afternoon, spread over three days. There is one keynote speaker and five contributed papers per session.

Invited speakers:

Nicolas Corradi* (UBC)
Jan Dvorak* (UC Davis)
Brenda J. Andrews* (Toronto)
Aoife McLysaght* (Dublin)
Nicholas Putnam* (Rice)
Andrew Clark (Cornell)
* confirmed

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