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October 20, 2010
Computational Neuroscientists of Upper Canada (CNUC's)

at the Fields Institute
222 College Street, Toronto
Map to Fields

Workshop Theme: Normal and Diseased Neurological States: Experimental and Mathematical Modeling in Hippocampus

Organizers: Katie Ferguson and Frances Skinner (Toronto Western Research Institute and University of Toronto)

Workshop Schedule

1:00-1:50 Sylvain Williams (Montreal)
Self-generated theta and gamma rhythms in the complete hippocampus in vitro: New insights into hippocampal organization
1:50-2:15 Katie Ferguson (Toronto)
Modelling theta rhythms in the hippocampus
2:15-3:05 John Lisman (Brandeis University)
Towards an understanding of all the excitatory connections of the dentate/CA3 circuitry
3:05-3:25 Coffee Break
3:25-4:15 Liang Zhang (Toronto)
In vitro sharp waves as a network readout of hippocampal CA3 neurons under "physiological" and "pathological" conditions
4:15-4:40 Muhammad Dur-e-Ahmad (Toronto/Waterloo)
Computational model of CA3 pyramidal cells: From an adapting neuron to network bursting



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