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March 18-20, 2010
Workshop on Mathematical Oncology III

Organizing Committee:
M. Kohandel (UWaterloo)
P. Maini (Oxford)
V. Quaranta (Vanderbilt)
S. Sivaloganathan (CMM & Uwaterloo)


This is the third in a series of workshops on mathematical oncology run by the Centre for Mathematical Medicine (CMM) and forms part of the fifth anniversary celebrations of CMM. The interdisciplinary field of mathematical oncology is developing rapidly and the aims of the workshop are to bring together an internationally renowned group of experimental, clinical and theoretical researchers to present and discuss problems of current interest in the field. The workshop is broad in scope and the talks should be accessible to experimentalists, clinicians and theoreticians.


The workshop will consist of a number of keynote and invited talks. Moreover, scheduled discussion sessions open to all participants will streamline the synergies between the different approaches and help to identify new avenues for future research. We hope that this type of structure will provide new insights and inspiration for experts and newcomers in the field alike.

There are roughly 20 talks over the duration of the workshop. This may seem like a large number of talks but because of the interdisciplinary nature of this workshop with participants from three different core disciplines (mathematics, cancer biology, clinical oncology), the diversity of this number of talks is crucial for the success of this workshop.

Invited Speakers

S. Agarwal (MIT)
H. Bolouri (Caltech)
A. Chakraborty (MIT)
C. Drapaca (Penn State)
M. Foldvari (Waterloo)
S. Haase (Duke)
T. Huzil (Waterloo)
Tak Mak (UHN, UToronto)
S. Mani (M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston)

M. Milosevic (PMH, Toronto)
H. Molavian (Waterloo)
L. Munn (Harvard)
G. Ostheimer (MIT)
L. Sander (UMichigan)
S. Sengupta (MIT)
S. Singh (McMaster)
J. Tuszynski (Cross Cancer Institute)
D. Tyson (Vanderbilt)
J. Tyson (Virgina Tech)

Final List of Participants:

Full Name University Name
Agarwal, Shivani Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Al-Mayah, Adil Princess Margaret Hospital
Andrews, Rob (no affiliation)
Ashlock, Wendy York University
Begg, Ronald University of Waterloo
Bolouri, Hamid California Institute of Technology
Burazin, Andrijana University of Waterloo
Cerezo, Richard University of Toronto
Chakraborty, Arup Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Clarke, Geoff University of Toronto
Datta, Suprakash York University
Drapaca, Corina Pennsylvania State University
Eftimie, Raluca McMaster University
Foldvari, Marianna University of Waterloo
Garbett, Shawn Vanderbilt University
Geraci, Joseph OCBN
Ghobadi, Kimia University of Toronto
Gunawan, Rudy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Ha, Bae-Yeun University of Waterloo
Haase, Steve Duke University
Halevy, Itamar  
Ho, Ernest University of Toronto
Hodis, Simona University of Western Ontario
Huzil, Torin University of Waterloo
Kaifosh, Patrick University of Toronto
Kasaiezadeh, Alireza University of Waterloo
Kim, Yangjin University of Michigan-Dearborn
Kohandel, Mohammad University of Waterloo
Lee, Jenny Princess Margaret Hospital
Losic, Bojan OICR
Maclean, Stuart York University
Mak, Tak Princess Margaret Hospital
Manem, Venkata University of Waterloo
Mani, Sendurai M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Masoudi, Amirali University of Waterloo
Milosevic, Michael University of Toronto, Princess Margaret Hospital
Molavian, Hamid University of Waterloo
Munn, Lance Harvard University
Ostheimer, Gerard Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Phipps, Colin University of Waterloo
Powathil, Gibin University of Dundee
Pressman, Irwin Carleton University
Quaranta, Vito Vanderbilt University
Samavati, Navid IBBME
Sander, Leonard University of Michigan
Scott, Matthew University of Waterloo
Sengupta, Shiladitya Harvard Medical School
Shahbandi, Nazgol University of Waterloo
Singh, Sheila McMaster University
Sivaloganathan, Sivabal University of Waterloo
Soltani, Madjid University of Waterloo
Speziale, Sean University of Waterloo
Stewart, James University of Toronto
Taheri-Araghi, Sattar University of Waterloo
Tang, Herbert University of Waterloo
Tomasetti, Cristian University of Maryland
Tuszynski, Jack University of Alberta
Tyson, Darren Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Tyson, John Virginia Tech
Vinogradov, Vladimir Ohio University
Wen, Frances University of Toronto
Wickramarachchi, Subasha University of Waterloo
Wilkie, Kathleen University of Waterloo
Wu, Jonathan University of Windsor
Zarkoob, Hadi University of Waterloo

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