July 30-August 2, 2008
Society for Mathematical Biology Conference

hosted by the Centre for Mathematical Medicine, Fields Institute
held at University of Toronto, Medical Sciences Bldg



1)Principal organiser: Drs. Helen Moore and Mark Dresser
Viral dynamics - Mathematical models of viral infection and treatment I and II (2 minisymposia)

2)Principal organiser: Dr. Anotida Madzvamuse
Pattern formation on continuously deforming domains I and II (2 minisymposia)

3)Principal organiser: Drs. Holly Gaff and K. Renee Fister
Application of optimal control theory to oncology, ecology and epidemiology

4)Principal organiser: Dr. Tim Comar
Current trends in undergraduate biomathematics education

5)Principal organiser: Professor John Lowengrub
Multiscale modeling of solid tumor growth and angiogenesis

6) Principal organiser: Dr. Yi Jiang
Multiscale modeling of biological systems

7) Principal organiser: Dr. Richard Schugart
Mathematical modeling in wound healing

8) Principal organiser: Dr. Jose Luis Perez Velazquez
Does neuroscience have a logic? - Limitations of brain and machine information processing

9) Principal organiser: Dr. Yangjin Kim
Tumor microenvironment: Influence on cancer progression

10) Principal organisers: Drs. Brian Ingalls and John Parkinson
Theoretical approaches to systems biology I and II (2 minisymposia)

11) Principal organiser: Dr. Robert Smith?
OptAIDS: Can we halt the AIDS epidemic using optimal donor spending models

12) Principal organiser: Dr. Yuriy Zinchenko
Minimizing the adverse effects of uncertainities in external radiation therapy

13) Principal organiser: Dr. Jane Heffernan
Mathematical immunology and infectious disease

14) Principal organiser: Dr. Rebecca Tyson
Gender Equity in Grant Awards: NSERC & NSF

15) Principal organisers: Professor Jianhong Wu (York), Yican Zhou (Xian Jiaotong) and Xingfu Zou (Western Ontario)
Canada-China Minisymposium Session on Mathematical Epidemiology I and II (2 minisymposia)

16)Principal organiser: Timothy Reluga
Game-Theory Approaches in Epidemiology

17) Principal organiser: Dr. Robert Smith?
How to get a Tenure Track Job

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