June 25, 2018

Special Year on Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization

Mini-symposium on Triple Systems and their Generalizations
February 28 - March 3, 2000

In 1999, Colbourn and Rosa published the definitive work "Triple Systems" (Oxford University Press). Triple systems are the hypergraphs that have been most thoroughly studied and to which graph theoretical ideas can be extended fruitfully. They are subject to attack by graph theoretical, geometrical, group theoretical and universal algebraic methods.

For those involved in any aspect of graph theory such as probabilistic methods, geometrical approaches, computational problems, etc, triple systems are a reasonable place to attempt to extend one's results to a tractable class of hypergraphs.
The purpose of this workshop would be to stimulate graph theorists to attempt these generalizations.

Preliminary Schedule


  • C.C. Lindner (Auburn University)
  • R. Mathon (University of Toronto)
  • A. Rosa (McMaster University)
Professor E. Mendelsohn -
Dr. L. Moura -