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Special Year on Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization

August 1999 - May 2000

The Special Year on Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization is a joint program between the Fields Institute and PIMS. The full program on these two subjects will emphasize recent results, open problems, applications, and connections with other parts of mathematics and computer science. The main vehicles of presentation are a series of workshops focusing on particular aspects of these subjects, a series of courses to initiate graduate students and interested workers from related fields, and long-term visits by postdoctoral fellows and Canadian and international experts. Please follow the PIMS link to get updated information on events that take place at their site.

Here is a List of Participants

Topics of Concentration

  • Fall of 1999: Combinatorial Optimization
  • Winter-Spring 2000: Graph Theory

Fields Institute Scientific and Organizing Committee:

N. Alon, Tel Aviv University
R. Anstee, University of British Columbia
J. Cheriyan, University of Waterloo
D. Corneil, University of Toronto
B. Cunningham, University of Waterloo
A. Gupta, Simon Fraser University
P. Haxell, University of Waterloo
P. Hell, Simon Fraser University
M. Molloy, University of Toronto
B. Pulleyblank, IBM Watson Research
B. Richter, Waterloo University
A. Schrijver, CWI Amsterdam
K. Seyffarth, University of Calgary
L. Tuncel, University of Waterloo

Events at the Fields Institute
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Graduate Courses

Spring 2000
  • Topological Graph Theory (R. B. Richter)
  • The Probabilistic Method (M. Molloy)
Fall 1999
  • Approximation Algorithms (J. Cheriyan)
    September 15 - December 1, Wednesdays 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • Polyhedral and Semidefinite Methods in Combinatorial Optimization (L. Tuncel)
    September 14 - November 30, Tuesdays 1-4 p.m.

Coxeter lecture Series

Events at the Pacific Institute
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SUMMER 2000 (June - August)

  • Interconnection Networks -- (Nick Pippenger, University of British Columbia)
  • Dynamic Graph Problems -- (Valerie King, University of Victoria)
  • Computational Geometry and Geographic Information Systems --
    (Jack Snoeyink, University of British Columbia)
  • Partial k-trees -- (Arvind Gupta, Simon Fraser University)
  • Graph Colouring -- (Pavol Hell, Simon Fraser University)
  • Graph Decompositions -- (Brian Alspach, Simon Fraser University)
  • Flows, Colourings and Orientations -- (Luis Goddyn, Simon Fraser University)


  • Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry -- August 15 - 18, 1999
  • Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures (Kick-off for the year)-- August 11 - 14, 1999

PIMS Distinguished Lecture Series

June - August, 2000 (to be announced).