1999 - 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the North Atlantic Alliance

The North Atlantic Treaty was signed in Washington in April 1949. In recognition of the role played by the North Atlantic Alliance in enhancing security in the Euro-Atlantic area for the past 50 years, 1999 will be marked by a series of activities and events in NATO member countries and in Partner countries. The NATO Science Programme is joining in the celebration. Following the end of the Cold War, NATO has established a new Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) as a forum for consultation and cooperation with Partner countries throughout the Euro-Atlantic area, and the activities supported under the NATO Science Programme are carried out in the framework of the EAPC. The Advanced Study Institutes and Advanced Research Workshops held in 1999 may serve to highlight the Alliance's 50th Anniversary, and remind participants of the role played by the Science Programme, since its establishment in 1958, in bringing together the peoples of the Euro-Atlantic area in a common endeavour for the advancement of science.