March 25, 2023

The Royal Society of Canada/La Sociéte royale du Canada
14 May 1997

Dr. Geoff Flynn, President of the Academy of Science
Dr. Donald Dawson, Director of The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
cordially invite you to attend the induction and public lecture of the new Fellows of the Academy of Science

Dr. John Richard Bond (University of Toronto)
The Formation of Cosmic Structure

Dr. Paul Copper (Laurentian University)
The First Reefs Built by Animals and Microbes: Evolution and Ecology

Dr. Brent Heath (York University)
Tip Growth, getting to the point of a penetrating question

Dr. Geoffrey Hinton (University of Toronto)
Neural Networks that Learn to See

Dr. Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann (University of Alberta)
Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis

Dr. Raymond Kapral (University of Toronto)
Tying Chemical Reactions into Knots

Dr. Barry J. Sessle (University of Toronto)
Sinking your Teeth into the Brain, Pain and Muscle Control