July 20, 2024

Canadian Applied Mathematics Society / Société Canadienne de Mathématiques Appliquées
CAMS Minisymposia

1. MINI TITLE: Nonlinear Waves
MINI ORGANIZER: Catherine Sulem
Israel Micheal Sigal,
University of Toronto
"The Ginzburg-Landau Equation"
Keith Promislow
Simon Fraser University
"Stability of Traveling Waves in Birefringent Fibre Optics"
Misha Vishik
University of Texas at Austin
"Regularity for Incompressible Flows of an Ideal Fluid"
Walter Craig
Brown University
"Normal Forms for the Evolution of Fluid Surfaces and Interfaces"
Roland Mallier
University of Western Ontario
"A Viscous Benny-Lin Triad"

2. MINI TITLE: Geophysical fluid dynamics
MINI ORGANIZER: Gordon Swaters
Richard Greatbatch,
Memorial University of Newfoundland
"Parametrising Mesoscale Eddies in Ocean Circulation Models"
Gilbert Brunet
Service de l'Environnement Atmosperique
"Dynamically Constrained Statistical Basis for Stochastically Forced Geophysical Flows"
Tom Warn
McGill University
"Self-Similarity of Decaying Two-Dimensional Turbulence"
Susan Allen
University of British Columbia
"Geometric Effects on Low Frequency Flow over Submarine Canyons"

4. MINI TITLE: Computer Technology in Applied Mathematics Education
MINI ORGANIZER: Prof. Robert Corless
Jonathan M. Borwein
Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics
"Doing Mathematics on the Web"
Sam Dooley
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
"A Derivational Problem-Solving System for Elementary Linear Algebra"
Keith O. Geddes
University of Waterloo
"Maple for Mathematics and Computer Science Education"
David J. Jeffrey
University of Western Ontario
"Mathematics for the Million: Automating Mathematics using Computers"

5. MINI TITLE: Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations
Joseph E. Flaherty
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
"An Adaptive and Parallel Framework for Partial Differential Equations"
Peter Forsyth
U. Waterloo
"A General Approach for Numerical Solution fo Two-Factor PDE Models in OPtion Pricing"
Linda Petzold
University of Minnesota
"Model Reduction for Chemical Knetics: An Optimixation Approach"
Uri M. Ascher
University of British Columbia
"Backtracking Ax=b"
Mohamed Farhloul
University of Moncton
"A Mixed Finite Element Method for the p-Laplacian"

6. & 7. MINI TITLE: Mathematics in the Biomedical Sciences
B. Mitchell Baker
US Naval Academy
"A Dynamical Systems Approach to Membrane Phenomena Underlying Cardiac Arrhythmias"
Guy Kember
Technical University of Nova Scotia
"KLT Based Quality Controlled Compression of Single Lead ECG"
David A. Steinman
J.P. Robarts Research Institute and U. Western Ontario
"Computational Modelling of Blood Flow"
Dr. Doug Salhani
Regional Cancer Center
"Mathematical Problems of Interest in Medical Physics"
Professor Robert D. Sidman
University of Southwestern Louisiana
"Comparison of two Boundary Value Problems for the Electrical Properties of the Brain"
John Clements
Dalhousie University
"A Direct Method for Computing Regularization Parameters for the Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography"

8. MINI TITLE: Enviromental Problems
MINI ORGANIZER: Samuel Shanpu Shen
Bill Hogg
Atmospheric Environment Service
"Mathematics Challenges in Climate Research"
Richard Karsten
University of Alberta
"Stability Characteristics of Deep-Water Replacement in the Strait of Georgia"
Saroja Polavarapu
Atmospheric Environment Service
"Four Dimensional Data Assimilation"
Samuel Shanpu Shen
University of Alberta
"Two Mathematical Problems in the Research into Climate Change Detection"
University of Sheffield
"Modelling Dosages of Dangerous Gases Dispersing in the Atmosphere"

9. MINI TITLE: Topics in Pulsatile Flow
Mair Zamir
University of Western Ontario
"Wave Reflection Effects in Coronary Blood Flow"
C.H. Woolley
University of Western Ontario
"Elastic Wall Movements in Pulsatile Flow"
M. Haslam
University of Western Ontario
"Pulsatile Flow in Tubes of Eliptic Cross Sections"
T. Moschandreou
University of Western Ontario
"Heat Transfer in Pulsatile Flow"

10. MINI TITLE: Neural Networks
MINI ORGANIZER: Deborah Stacey
Mehdi Bazoon
University of Toronto
"A combined Fuzzy Logic-Neural Network Approach for Analyzing Armacological Data"
Deborah Stacey
University of Guelph
"A Filter and Pipe Architecture for Artificial Neural Network Systems"
Geoffrey Hinton
University of Toronto
"Discovering Causal Structure in Images"
Zoubin Ghahramani
University of Toronto
"Discovering Causal Structure in Time Series"
R.D. Dony
Wilfrid Laurier University
"On the Use of Hebbian Learning for a Tree-structured Mixture Model"

11. MINI TITLE: Mesoscale Phenomena in Fluids and Materials
Sharon C. Glotzer
National Institute of Standards and Technology
"Computer Simulations of Pattern Formation in Anisotropic Multiphase Materials"
Stephen Langer
Information Technology Laboratory
"Simulations of Liquid Foams Under Shear"
Shiyi Chen
"Passive Scalar Turbulence and Anamolous Scaling"
Turab Lookman
University of Western Ontario
"Modelling Mesoscopic Behavior in Fluids and Materials"

12. MINI TITLE: Industrial Mathematics
P. N. Shivakumar
University of Manitoba
"Industrial Mathematics Projects at the Institute of Industrial Mathematical Sciences"
Yarlong Wang
Computer Modeling Group
"to be announced??"
K. W. Dormuth,
AECL, Whiteshell Laboratories
"Cooperation of University and Industry in Mathematical Problem Solving at the Whiteshell Laboratories"
J. Stastna
University of Calgary
"Stress Growth and Stress Relaxation in Crack Sealing Materials"
G. Tyc
Bristol Aerospace Limited
"Tethers in Space"

13. MINI TITLE: Parallel Computation
Christina C. Christara
University of Toronto
"Fast Solvers for Partial Defferential Equations and ther Parallel Computation"
Sanzheng Qiao
McMaster University
"The ULLV Decompostion and its Systolic Array Implementation"
William Gropp
Argonne National Laboratory
"Parallel Computing Prograss and Directions"
Dianqin Wang
University of Guelph
"Parallelizing the Multishift QR Algoritm for Eigenvalue Computation on the Intel Paragon"

14. MINI TITLE: Communications Networks
Ioannis Lambadaris and Michael Devetsikiotis
Carleton University
"Issues in Fast Network Simulation by Use of Effective and Decoupling Bandwidths"
David McDonald
University of Ottawa
"Connection Admission Control for Constant Bit Rate Traffic at a Multi-Buffer Multiplexer using the Oldest-Cell-First Discipline" 2. David McDonald (R. FEE)
Prof. Rajesh K. Pankaj
University of Toronto
"Topologies for All-Optical Networks"
Prof. George Kesidis
University of Waterloo
"The CBR Channel and Statisical Multiplexing in Wired Broadband Networks"
15. MINI TITLE: Mathematical Problems in Risk Management
MINI ORGANIZER: Claudio Albanese
Dr. Ron Dembo
Algorithmics, Inc.
"Optimal Portfolio Replication"
Tom McCurdy
University of Toronto
"Can ARCH Models Capture Volatility Dependence Observed in Asset Returns?"
Luis Seco
University of Toronto
"An X-ray of Value at Risk"
Claudio Albanese
University of Toronto
"Two Approaches to Dynamic Calibration Theory"
16. MINI TITLE: Research Partnerships of Academia, Industry and Government
John B. Chattoe
Information Technology Research Centre
"Industry, University, Government Partnerships--The Expanding Role of Mathematical Advances in our Economy"
Dr. Claudine Simson
Northern Telecom
"A New Cooperative Paradigm for University/Government/Industry Collaborations"
Bill St. Arnaud
CANARI-Canadian Network for the Advancement of Research
"CA*netII and Networks for Advanced Research"
Dr. Kelly A. Lyons
M Software Solutions Toronto Laboratory
"Centre for Advanced Studies: A Model for Cooperative Research 5. NSERC
A. Leo Derikx
"To be announced"

17. MINI TITLE: ``Mathematical Modeling of Polymers''.
MINI ORGANIZER: Chris Soteros (R. FEE)
Neal Madras
York University
"Lattice Models of Polymers: An Introduction"
E. Janse van Rensburg
York University
"Monte Carlo Study of Models of Branched Polymers"
De Witt Sumners
Florida State University
"DNA Models"
Chris Soteros
University of Saskatchewan
"Polymers Confined to a Tube"

18 & 19 MINI TITLE: Cryptography
MINI ORGANIZER: P.Eng Bruno Di Stefano
Stuart Lombard
Isolation Systems, Ltd.
"To be Announced"
Speaker to by Confirmed
Speaker to by Confirmed
Pei Yu
University of Western Ontario
"Exact Recovery From Masked Chaotic Signal"
Prof. Stafford Tavares
Queen's University
"On the Design of Substitution Permutation Encryption Networks with the Involution Property"
Amr Mohamed Youssef
Queen's University
"On a Class of Involution Linear Transformations Based on MDS Codes"
Dr. Jeroen van de Graaf
Universite de Montreal
"A Quantum Protocol for Key Exchange"
Mike Just
Carleton University
"Techniques for Digital Timestamping"

20 & 21. MINI TITLE: Fractal Image Compression
MINI ORGANIZER: Edward R. Vrscay
Prof. Geoff Davis
Dartmouth College
"A Wavelet-Based Interpretation of Fractal Image Compression"
Dr. Jacques Levy-Vehel
INRIA Rocquencourt
"Segmentation as a Means of Improving Compression"
Dr. Franklin Mendivil
University of Waterloo
"Correspondence Between Fractal-Wavelet Transforms and Iterated Function Systems"
Prof. Don Monro
University of Bath
"Fractals for Free"
Prof. Edward R. Vrscay
University of Waterloo
"A Generalized Class of Fractal-Wavelet Transforms for Image Represenation and Compression"

22. MINI TITLE: Bioinformatics
MINI ORGANIZER: Anthony Bonner
Anthony Bonner
University of Toronto
"Large-Scale Physical Genome Mapping"
David Sankoff
Universite de Montreal
"Algorithmic and Statistical Approaches to the Inference of Genome History"
Tao Jiang
McMaster University
"Approximation Algorithms for Multiple Sequence Alignment"
Janice Glasgow
Queen's University
"Molecular Scene Analysis"