May 22, 2015


Conference on Quantum Groups and Quantum Information Theory
July 13-17, 2015

to be held at Herstmonceux Castle, UK



Organizing Committee: Scientific Committee:
Benoit Collins, University of Ottawa/Kyoto University
James Mingo, Queen’s University
Ashley Montanaro, University of Bristol
Maria Grazia Viola, Lakehead University
Moritz Weber, Saarland University
Matthias Christandl, University of Copenhagen
Patrick Hayden, Stanford University
Marius Junge, University of Illinois
Gilles Pisier, Texas A&M University
Roland Speicher, Saarland University
Michael Wolf, Technische Universiat Muenchen

Advanced Grant held by Roland Speicher,
Starting Grant held by Matthias Christandl

Online Registration and Funding Application
Registration fee: $60. Online registration and funding applications deadline: May 31.
*Please note that there are limited ensuites available.*
If you wish to book an ensuite room, please contact Grazia Viola at


Recent developments suggest the existence of links between quantum groups and quantum information theory. Both fields have common problems and areas of interest, such as random matrix theory. They also share important technical tools, despite developing independently. However, there has never been a joint meeting involving these two communities. This workshop aims to fill this gap, and to bring together researchers from these areas so that they can learn from each other's techniques, approaches and open problems. The topics discussed during the workshop will range from the Weingarten calculus and planar combinatorial calculations to quantum de Finetti theorems and free probability.

Herstmonceux Castle was made available through Queen’s University as a Principal Fields Sponsor. This conference marks the first Fields Conference sited in Europe.


Confirmed Participants as of May 11:

Full Name University/Affiliation
* Al Nuwairan, Muneerah University of Ottawa
  Banica, Teodor Universite de Cergy-Pontoise
  Bichon, Julien Universite Blaise Pascal
  Brannan, Michael University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  Collins, Benoît University of Ottawa
  Crann, Jason Carleton University
* Cubitt, Toby University of Cambridge
  Freslon, Amaury University of Saarbrucken
* Fukuda, Motohisa Universität München
  Gabriel, Olivier University of Glasgow
  Gonzalez-Guillen, Carlos Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  Harrow, Aram MIT
  Junge, Marius University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  King, Christopher Northeastern University
  Koestler, Claus University College Cork
  Lancien, Cécilia Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
  Leung, Debbie University of Waterloo
* Lindsay, Martin Lancaster University
  Matsumoto, Sho University of Kagoshima
  Mingo, James A. Queen's University
  Mitchison, Graeme University of Cambridge
  Montanaro, Ashley University of Bristol
  Nechita, Ion CNRS
  Novak, Jonathan Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Perez-Garcia, David Universidad Complutense de Madrid
* Raum, Sven RIMS
  Skalski, Adam Polish Academy of Sciences
* Snady, Piotr University of Wroclav
  Speicher, Roland Saarland University
  Strelchuk, Sergii University of Cambridge
  Tarrago, Pierre Saarland University
  Vergnioux, Roland Université de Caen Basse-Normandie
  Viola, Maria Grazia Lakehead University
  Voiculescu, Dan University of California, Berkeley
  Voigt, Christian University of Glasgow
  Wahl, Jonas KU Leuven
* Walter, Michael ETH Zürich
  Weber, Moritz Saarland University
  Winter, Andreas Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona
  Woronowicz, Stanislaw Lech University of Warsaw
* Yard, John Microsoft Research
* Zyczkowski, Karol Jagiellonian University


*Pending Confirmation

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