June 25, 2018
Workshop on Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics
August 19-22, 2013

1125 Colonel By Dr., Ottawa

David Amundsen, Lucy Campbell, Emmanuel Lorin (Carleton)

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Hans De Sterck (Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo)
Mini-course: Numerical Magnetohydrodynamics with Application to Space Physics Flows

Prof. Frédéric Dias (School of Mathematical Sciences, University College Dublin)
Mini-course: Numerical methods for free-surface flows

Prof. Peter Minev (Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta)
Mini-course: Numerical methods for complex incompressible flows

Prof. Oleg Vasilyev (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado)
Mini-course: Wavelet Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics


The study of fluid dynamics has driven the development of a multitude of numerical methods for scientific computation. As the sophistication of applications and associated physical models expands, the impetus for further developments is as great as ever. This workshop brings together researchers who make use of a wide array of numerical methods, adapted to a broad range of flows. It will provide opportunity to share in the latest developments, foster new collaborations and avenues of research. Each of the invitees will present a mini-course designed to familiarize participants with the fundamental ideas and challenges in their area.

Students and other researchers are also invited to present contributed talks.

Specific topics include:

- Finite Volume Methods
- Finite Element Methods
- Spectral Methods
- Wavelets

with applications in:
- Magneto Hydrodynamic flows
- Turbulence
- Ocean Waves

Registered Participants as of August 13, 2013

Full Name University/Affiliation
Alqawasmeh, Yousef University of Ottawa
Ayala, Diego McMaster University
Babalola, David UOIT
Behera, Ratikanta Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Beljadid, Abdelaziz University of Ottawa
Bourgault, Yves University of Ottawa
Brinkerhoff, Joshua Carleton University
Chajjed, Sandip Carleton University
Das, Sujit Carleton University
De La Chevrotiere, Michele University of Victoria
Deka, Nandini University of Houston
Desai, Ajit Carleton University
Feys, Jan McGill University
Gharavi, Amir University of Ottawa
Goswami, Bhakti Sikha Gauhati University
Greiss, Raymond Carleton University
Hinz, Denis McGill University
Hu, Yi Colorado State University
Jabbour, Jamil Antoine UOIT
Kalugin, German Natural Resources Canada
Kedare, Siddharth Carleton University
Keita, Sana University of Ottawa
Khan, Sher Baz University of Ottawa
Kim, Tae-Yeon McGill University
Kornelus, Adeline University of New Mexico
Minbashian, Hadi Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)
Mizani, Shabnam Carleton University
Mohamed, Mohamed Carleton University
Naghipoor, Jahed University of Coimbra
Nijimbere, Victor Carleton University
Nourzadeh, Danesh Carleton University
Patel, Nilay Carleton University
Pilechi, Abolghasem University of Ottawa
Pippal, Sarita I.I.T Roorkee, Uttrakhand, INDIA
Qin, Tong University of British Columbia
Rizq, Hebah Carelton University
Sabouri, Mania Amirkabir University of Technology
Sandham, James University of Waterloo
Sater, Julien Carleton University
Sayed, Amir Carleton University
Sethi, Jasvardan McGill University
Shatnawi, Taqi Aldin Carleton University
Shirkhani, Hamidreza University of Ottawa
Shukla, Shubham Carleton University
Susanto, Andree University of Waterloo
Williams, Robert Carleton University
Zhou, Jie University of California, Irvine