December  8, 2016

May 1-2, 2014
University of Ottawa Biomath Days
Mathematical Modelling in the Biological Sciences
All talks will take place in B5 (basement)
Department of Mathematics, 585 King Edward Ave.
( This is just up the hill from the Quality Hotel)

Organizers: Robert Smith? and Frithjof Lutscher (Ottawa)

Registration on-site May 1
Fees: $50

Application for student travel support now closed
Deadline to apply was April 15, 2014
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A two-day conference on mathematical modelling in the biological sciences, covering infectious disease modelling, and mathematical ecology and evolution. This workshop will be primarily targeted at students and postdocs with an interest in the biological sciences. Plenary speakers include leading researchers in the field of biomathematics. Students and postdocs will be invited to give contributed talks.

Quantitative approaches to pressing biological problems of increasing complexity have proven very successful in enhancing our understanding of living systems and in predicting their future and fate. As such, mathematical modelling, simulation and analysis are indispensable tools for research and management from the subcellular to the ecosystem level. Vice versa, applications in biology continue to generate challenging mathematical problems in areas such as infinite-dimensional dynamical systems, multiple time-scales, model selection or model-data interface.


Will we cover ordinary, partial and impulsive differential equation modelling for biological problems, evolutionary game theory, theoretical and computational neuroscience, bioinformatics, population dynamics, game theory, theoretical ecology and models of climate change.

Outline of the program

Thursday, May 1
Friday, May 2
Lecture 1: Modelling infected genomes
Lindi Wahl, Western University
Lecture 3: Pharmacometrics and Mechanistic Modelling
Fahima Nekka, Université de Montréal
Contributed talk
Contributed talk

Lecture 2: Ecology and evolution
Troy Day (Queen's University)

Lecture 4: Haematopoietic modelling
Jaques Belair (Université de Montreal)
Contributed talk
Contributed talk
Contributed talk
Contributed talk
Contributed talk
Contributed talk
Lecture 5: Bioeconomics of Marine Reserves
Michael Neubert, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Contributed talks

Vitalii Akimenko Travelling Wave Solution of Nonlinear Age-Structured Monocyclic Cell Population Model
Wisdom Avusuglo Stability Analysis on an Economic Epidemiology Model of Syphilis
Le Li A new model for flocking behaviours
Israel Ncube Some results and questions concerning a malaria model with a time-delayed immune response
Zhipeng Qiu Complex dynamics of a nutrient-plankton system with nonlinear phytoplankton morality and allelopathy
Ashrafur Rahman Impact of Tenofovir gel as a PrEP on HIV infection: A mathematical model
Helio Shimozako Pathogen cross contamination in chilling tanks
Xiaotian Wu Impact of spring bird migration on the range expansion of Ixodes scapularis tick population

Registered Particpants as of April 24, 2014
* awaiting confirmation
Full Name University/Affiliation
Abdelrazec, Ahmed York University
Akimenko, Vitalii Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Avusuglo, Wisdom* 1600 West Bank Drive
Birkett, Nicholas University of Ottawa
Chen, Longbin York University
Chong, Nyuk Sian University of Ottawa
Ding, Chunxiao York University
Donato, Lorrianne York University
Fitzpatrick, Tiffany Public Health Ontario
Li, Le York University
Maciel, Gabriel Sao Paulo State University
Makouangou Ngouma, Michael Evrard University of Ottawa
Ornik, Melkior University of Toronto
Pattenden, Tyler University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Qiu, Zhipeng York University
Rahman, Ashrafur University of Western Ontario
Samia, Yasmine Uottawa
Shimozako, Helio* York University
Wahl, Lindi Western University
Wilk, Benjamin University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Wu, Jianhong York University
Wu, Xiaotian Western University
Yu, Don York University
Zhang, Yuxiang University of Ottawa
Neubert, Michael Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Nekka, Fahima Université de Montréal