December 18, 2018

November 23-24, 2013
Montreal-Toronto Workshop in Number Theory
Progress and Prospects in Number Theory

at the Fields Institute, 222 College St., Toronto (map)

Organizing Committee

Eyal Goren (McGill University)
Stephen Kudla (University of Toronto)

On line registration now closed please register on site Nov. 23
Fees: $50 (includes refreshments and Workshop banquet)
Schedule of Talks Confirmed Participants
Video Archive of talks Accommodation Resources

The goal of this workshop is to give a snapshot of some of the important current developments in number theory in several areas of specialization represented in Montreal and Toronto (and McMaster). In that sense it diverges from our typical format of devoting a meeting for a single topic; also, this time the talks are given by faculty and not by students. Our hope is that the program will increase the synergy between various groups in Montreal and Toronto.

These semi-annual events in number theory, take place alternately at the CRM in Montreal and the Fields Institute in Toronto.
The Workshops are meant to be a mixture of general over-view talks about current research done by the groups, and presentations by students. Special emphasis will be put on designing the activities so as to offer ample opportunities for students to interact and get a broader view of their area.
This workshop will provide a panorama of current research in number theory as represented by the faculty in Montreal and Toronto.

There will be a full day program on Saturday and the lectures will continue through the mid afternoon on Sunday.

Here is a list of confirmed speakers:

Jim Arthur (Toronto)
Chantal David (Concordia)
Leo Goldmakher (Toronto)
Florian Herzig (Toronto)
Adrian Iovita (Concordia)
Payman Kassaei (McGill)
Manfred Kolster (McMaster)
Dimitris KouKoulopoulos (UdM)
Matilde Lalin (UdM)
James Maynard (CICMA)
Kumar Murty (Toronto)

Registered Participants as of November 13, 2013

*awaiting confirmation
Full Name University/Affiliation
Attwell-Duval, Dylan* McGill University
Bergamaschi, Francesca Concordia University
Bettin, Sandro Concordia University
Brakocevic, Miljan McGill University
Candelori, Luca McGill University
Chiche-Lapierre, Valentine Concordia University
Chu, Simon* King's College London
Darmon, Henri McGill University
David, Chantal Concordia University
de Quehen, Victoria* McGill University
Disegni, Daniel McGill University
Dona, Daniele Concordia University
Duval, Dylan McGill University
Elias, Yama McGill University
Feuerverger, Andrey University of Toronto
Freixas Montplet, Gerard CNRS
Gao, Shan Concordia University
Gomez, Clément McGill University
Goren, Eyal McGill University
Herzig, Florian University of Toronto
Iovita, Adrian Concordia University
Joyal, Bruno McGill University
Kassaei, Payman McGill University
Kolster, Manfred McMaster University
Koukoulopoulos, Dimitris Université de Montréal
Lalín, Matilde Université de Montréal
Lei, Antonio McGill University
Maynard, James Universite de Montreal
Meisner, Patrick University of Waterloo
Mirza-Hosein, Bahare McGill University
Polak, Jason* McGill University
Pozzi, Alice McGill University
Restrepo, Juan Ignacio McGill University
Simard, Nicolas McGill University
Smith, Jerrod University of Toronto
Sourisseau, Matt University of Toronto
Takei, Luiz McGill University
Wooding, Amy McGill University
Wooding, Kjell Government of Canada


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