June 25, 2018
May 30 - June 1, 2012
Fields Institute Symposium on the Analysis of Survey Data and Small Area Estimation
in honour of the 75th Birthday of Professor J.N.K. Rao

Held at the 5050 Minto Centre, Carleton University


Patrick Farrell (Carleton)
David Haziza (Montreal)
Mike Hidiroglou (Statistics Canada)

Jason Nielsen (Carleton)
Sanjoy Sinha (Carleton)
Wesley Yung (Statistics Canada


This will be a three day symposium on the analysis of survey data and small area estimation, focusing on the areas of longitudinal data analysis, modeling for efficient small area estimation, missing data analysis, and categorical data analysis along with various application.


On the first day of the symposium, we intend to have a keynote address by Professor Wayne Fuller on recent developments of statistical methods for small area estimation. This will be followed by three invited paper sessions according to the schedule below. There will be three talks in each invited session. The last two days of the symposium will have four invited paper sessions as described below. There will also be a poster session during the symposium.


Wayne Fuller (keynote address), Iowa State University
Jean-Francois Beaumont, Statistics Canada
David Bellhouse, University of Western Ontario
Gauri Datta, The University of Georgia
Patrick Farrell , Carleton University
Robert Fay, WESTAT
Moshe Feder, University of Southampton
Malay Ghosh, University of Florida
David Haziza, University of Montreal
Mike Hidiroglou , Statistics Canada
Graham Kalton, Westat
Jiming Jiang , University of California, Davis
Jae Kwang Kim, Iowa State University
Phillip Kott, Research Triangle Institute
Partha Lahiri, University of Maryland, College Park
Brenda MacGibbon, Universite du Quebec
Isabel Molina, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Domingo Morales, Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche
Ralf Munnich, University of Trier, Germany
Balgobin Nandram , Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Danny Pfeffermann, Hebrew University of Jerusalem &Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute,UK
Narasimha Prasad, University of Alberta
Sunil Rao, University of Miami
Louis Paul Rivest, Universite Laval
Ehsanes Saleh, Carleton University
Fritz Scheuren, Human Rights Data Analysis Group
Joe Sedransk, Case Western Reserve University (retired)
Natalie Shlomo, University of Southampton
Chris Skinner, London School of Economics
Mary Thompson, University of Waterloo
Mahmoud Torabi, University of Manitoba
Lola Ugarte, Public University of Navarre
Changbao Wu, University of Waterloo
Yong You, Statistics Canada
Wesley Yung, Statistics Canada

Workshop Schedule

Wednesday May 30, 2012
8:45-9:00 Opening Remarks
Patrick J. Farrell (Carleton University) and Malcom Butler (Carleton University)
9:00-10:00 Keynote Address by Professor Wayne Fuller*
Small Area Prediction: Some Comments
Chair: Donald Dawson (Carleton University)
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-12:00 Session 1 (3 talks of 30 minutes)

Small Area Estimation 1
Chair: Mohamedou Ould Haye (Carleton University)

Robert Fay* (Westat)
The Multiple Facets of Small Area Estimation: A Case Study
Fritz Scheuren* (Human Rights Data Analysis Group)
Indigenous Population: Small Domain Issues
M.A. Hidiroglou*, V. Estevao and Y. You (Statistics Canada)
Unit Level Small Area Estimation for Business Survey Data
12:00-13:30 Lunch

Session 2 (3 talks of 30 minutes)

Analysis of Survey Data 1
Chair: Roland Thomas (Carleton University)

David Bellhouse* (University of Western Ontario)
The Teaching of a First Course in Survey Sampling Motivated by Survey Data Analysis
Jean-François Beaumont* (Statistics Canada)
The Analysis of Survey Data Using the Bootstrap
Patrick J. Farrell* (Carleton University), Brenda MacGibbon* (Université du Québec à Montréal), Gillian Bartlett (McGill University) and Thomas J. Tomberlin
(Carleton University)
The Estimating Function Jackknife Variance Estimator in a Marginal Logistic Regression Model with Repeated Measures and a Complex Sample Design: Its Small Sample Properties and an Application

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break

Session 3 (3 talks of 30 minutes)

Small Area Estimation 2
Chair: Sanjoy Sinha (Carleton University)

Balgobin Nandram* (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
A Bayesian Analysis of a Two-Fold Small Area Model for Binary Data
Junheng Ma (National Institute of Statistical Sciences) and J. Sedransk* (Case Western Reserve University)
Bayesian Predictive Inference for Finite Population Quantities under Informative Sampling
Isabel Molina* (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Balgobin Nandram (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and J.N.K. Rao (Carleton University )
Hierarchical Bayes Estimation of Poverty Indicators in Small Area

17:00-18:30 Reception - MacPhail Room (HP 4351)
Thursday May 31, 2012
9:00 - 10:30 Session 4 (3 talks of 30 minutes)

Small Area Estimation 3
Chair: Miklos Csorgo (Carleton University)

Danny Pfeffermann* (Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute), Natalie Shlomo (Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute) and Yahia El-Horbaty (Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute)
Model Selection and Diagnostics for Model-Based Small Area Estimation
Louis-Paul Rivest* (Université Laval) and François Verret (Statistics Canada)
Copula-Based Small Area Predictions for Unit Level Models
J. Sunil Rao* (University of Miami), Jiming Jiang (University of California - Davis) and Thuan Nguyen (Oregon Health and Science University)
Fence Methods for Mixed Model Selection
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Session 5 (3 talks of 30 minutes)

Missing Data
Chair: Gordon Brackstone (Ottawa)

Changbao Wu* (University of Waterloo), Jiahua Chen (University of British Columbia) and Jae-Kwang Kim (Iowa State University )
Semiparametric Fractional Imputation for Complex Survey Data
Jeroen Pannekoek (Statistics Netherlands), Natalie Shlomo* (Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute) and Ton de Waal (Statistics Netherlands)
Calibrated Imputation of Numerical Data under Linear Edit Restrictions
Jiming Jiang* (University of California, Davis), Thuan Nguyen (Oregon Health and Science University) and J. Sunil Rao (University of Miami)
The EMAF and E-MS Algorithms: Model Selection with Incomplete Data
12:30-13:45 Lunch
13:45-15:30 Session 6 (3 talks of 30 minutes)

Small Area Estimation 4

Chair: Yogendra Chaubey (Concordia University)

Ralf T. Münnich*, Ekkehard W. Sachs and Matthias Wagner
(University of Trier)
Calibration Benchmarking for Small Area Estimates: An Application to the German Census 2011
Gauri S. Datta* (University of Georgia), W.R. Bell (U.S. Census Bureau) and Malay Ghosh (University of Florida)
Benchmarking Small Area Estimators
Malay Ghosh* (University of Florida) and Rebecca Steorts (University of Florida)
Two-Stage Bayesian Benchmarking as Applied to Small Area Estimation
Rebecca Steorts* (University of Florida) and Malay Ghosh (University of Florida)
On Estimation of Mean Squared Errors of Benchmarked Empirical Bayes Estimators
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-17:30 Session 7 (3 talks of 30 minutes)

Reducing nonsampling errors
Chair: Ralph Folsom (Research Triangle Institute)

Chris Skinner* (London School of Economics and Political Science), Damiao da Silva (University of Southampton) and Jae-Kwang Kim (Iowa State University)
Extending Missing Data Methods to a Measurement Error Setting
Jae-Kwang Kim* and Sixia Chen (Iowa State University)
Two-Phase Sampling Approach for Propensity Score Estimation in Voluntary Samples
Phillip Kott* (Research Triangle Institute)
One Step or Two? Calibration Weighting when Sampling from a Complete List Frame
18:00-20:00 Banquet at RINAG

88 Jamie Avenue

Friday June 1, 2012
9:00-10:30 Session 8 (3 talks of 30 minutes)

Small Area Estimation 5
Chair: Chul Park (Carleton University)

Snigdhansu Chatterjee (University of Minnesota) and Partha Lahiri* (University of Maryland, College Park)
Parametric Bootstrap Methods in Small Area Estimation Problems
Lola Ugarte* (University of Navarre)
Deriving Small Area Estimates from the Information Technology Survey
Yong You* and Mike Hidiroglou (Statistics Canada)
Sampling Variance Smoothing Methods for Small Area Proportions
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Session 9 (3 talks of 30 minutes)

Analysis of Survey Data 2
Chair: Jason Nielsen (Carleton University)

Graham Kalton* (Westat)
Design and Analysis of Venue-Based Samples
Mary Thompson* (University of Waterloo)
Bootstrap Methods in Complex Surveys
Moshe Feder* (University of Southampton)
State-Space Modelling of U.K. Labour Force Survey Rolling Quarterly Wave Data
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Session 10 (3 talks of 30 minutes)

Small Area Estimation 6
Chair: Mary March (Ottawa)

Esther López-Vizcaíno, María José Lombardía and Domingo Morales* (Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche)
Small Area Estimation of Labour Force Indicators under Multinomial Mixed Models with Time and Area Effects
Mahmoud Torabi* (University of Manitoba)
Spatio-temporal Modeling of Small Area Rare Events
Susana Rubin-Bleuer*, Wesley Yung* and Sébastien Landry(Statistics Canada)
Variance Component Estimation through the Adjusted Maximum Likelihood Method
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-17:30 Session 11 (3 talks of 30 minutes)

Design-based Inference
Chair: Georgia Roberts (Statistics Canada)

A.K.Md. Ehsanes Saleh* (Carleton University)
Model Assisted Improved Estimation of Population Totals
Shu Jing Gu and N.G.N. Prasad* (University of Alberta)
Estimation of Median for Successive Sampling
David Haziza* (Université de Montréal), Audrey Béliveau (Simon Fraser University) and Jean-François Beaumont (Statistics Canada)
Simplified Variance Estimation in Two-Phase Sampling
17:30-17:45 Closing Remarks

Confirmed Participants as of May 30, 2012

Full Name University Name
An, Tony SAS Institute Inc
Bartlett, Gillian McGill University
Beaumont, Jean-François Statistics Canada
Beliveau, Audrey Simon Fraser University
Bell, W. R. U.S. Census Bureau
Bellhouse, David University of Western Ontario
Binder, David  
Brackstone, Gordon  
Butler, Malcolm Carleton University
Charlebois, Joanne Carleton University
Chatrchi, Golshid Carleton University
Chatterjee, Snigdhansu University of Minnesota
Chaubey, Yogendra Concordia University
Chen, Jiahua University of British Columbia
Chen, Sixia Iowa State University
Choudhry, G. Hussain  
Chowdhury, Salehin Carleton University
da Silva, Damiao University of Southampton
Dai, Miao Carleton University
Datta, Gauri University of Georgia
Dawson, Donald Carleton University
de Waal, Ton Statistics Netherlands
Dumitrescu, Laura Carleton University
El-Horbaty, Yahia Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute
Estevao, Victor Statistics Canada
Farrell, Patrick Carleton University
Fay, Robert Westat, Inc
Feder, Moshe University of Southampton
Folsom, Ralph RTI International
Fuller, Wayne Iowa State University
Ghania, Amal Carleton University
Ghent, Ian SAS Institute Inc.
Ghosh, Malay University of Florida
Gravel, Chris Carleton University
Gu, Shu Jing University of Alberta
Haziza, David Université de Montréal
Hidiroglou, Mike Statistics Canada
Jiang, Jiming University of California, Davis
José Lombardía, María Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche
Kalton, Graham Westat
Kim, Jae-kwang Iowa State University
Kott, Phillip RTI International
Lahiri, Partha University of Maryland
Landry, Sébastien Statistics Canada
Li, Yan University of Texas at Arlington
López-Vizcaíno, Esther Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche
Ma, Junheng National Institute of Statistical Sciences
MacGibbon, Brenda Université du Québec à Montréal
March, Mary  
Mashreghi, Zeinab Université de Montréal
Molina, Isabel Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Morales, Domingo University Miguel Hernández de Elche
Münnich, Ralf University of Trier
Nandram, Balgobin Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Nguyen, Thuan Oregon Health and Science University
Nielsen, Jason Carleton University
Ould-Haye, Mohamedou Carleton University
Pannekoek, Jeroen Statistics Netherlands
Park, Chul Carleton University
Park, Seunghwan Iowa State University
Pfeffermann, Danny University of Southampton
Prasad, Narasimha University of Alberta
Qian, Wei Carleton University
Rao, J. Sunil University of Miami
Rao, Jon N.K. Carleton University
Rivest, Louis-Paul Université Laval
Roberts, Georgia  
Rubin-Bleuer, Susana Statistics Canada
Sachs, Ekkehard W. University of Trier
Saleh, A.K.Md. Ehsanes Carleton University
Scheuren, Fritz NORC @ University of Chicago
Sedransk, Joe Case Western Reserve University
Shlomo, Natalie University of Southampton
Sinha, Sanjoy Carleton University
Sivathayalan, Ahalya Carleton University
Skinner, Chris London School of Economics
Steorts, Rebecca University of Florida
Tabuchi, Tracy First Nations Statistical Institute
Thomas, Roland Carleton University
Thompson, Mary University of Waterloo
Tomberlin, Thomas J. Carleton University
Torabi, Mahmoud University of Manitoba
Ugarte, María Dolores Universidad Pública de Navarra
Vaish, Akhil RTI International
Verret, François Statistics Canada
Wagner, Matthias University of Trier
Wang, Zilin Wilfrid laurier University
Winiszewska, Malgorzata Carleton University
Wu, Changbao University of Waterloo
Ye, Wenzhe Carleton University
You, Yong Statistics Canada
Yu, Cindy Iowa State University
Yung, Wesley Statistics Canada
Zhu, Zhengyuan Iowa State University