June 19, 2018

May 7-9, 2010
Workshop on Connections in Geometry and Physics 2010
held at the Perimeter Institute, Waterloo

Jaume Gomis (Perimeter)
Marco Gualtieri (University of Toronto)
Spiro Karigiannis (University of Waterloo)
Ruxandra Moraru (University of Waterloo)
Rob Myers (Perimeter)
McKenzie Wang (McMaster University)

Workshop Objectives

GAP 2010 will focus on the following three main research areas: mathematical relativity, gauge theory, and mirror symmetry. Although these research areas all originated in physics, they have now also become important fields of study in mathematics. The aim of the workshop is to present some of the exciting new developments in these areas, as well as to expose local area graduate students and postdocs to these ideas and to introduce them to geometers and physicists in the region."

Overview of the Subject Areas:

1. Mathematical Relativity
2. Gauge Theory
3. Mirror Symmetry