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Symposium on Mathematical and Statistical Methods in the Life Sciences
November 12, 2004

to be held at University of Guelph

The Symposium is sponsored by:

The Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
and the
Office of Research and Faculty of Environmental Science


Organizing Committee

Prof. Hermann Josef Eberl, University of Guelph (
Prof. Anna T. Lawniczak, University of Guelph (


The overall objective of the symposium is to provide a meeting and networking forum for researchers, who develop and apply mathematical, statistical, and computational techniques for the Life Sciences. The organizers' intention is to cover a broad range of disciplines on both sides of this spectrum, the mathematical sciences as well as the application areas. Accordingly, we try to address researchers spanning the bow from underlying dynamic system theory to applied statistical methods, and from modern numerical analysis to data mining, connected by their shared interest of application areas in biology, medicine, bioprocess engineering.

The Symposium will consist of invited lectures including “The Gordon Ashton Lecture” in Biometry. Additionally, there will be an extended poster session during the symposium. All participants are encouraged to present their research in a poster session. Posters are an ideal vehicle to promote networking. There will be an award for the best student poster. In order to facilitate poster session organization you must register your poster using the on-line registration form available here.

Invited Speakers:

Richard Cook (University of Waterloo)abstract
Ross Cressman (Wilfried Laurier University)abstract
A.H. El-Shaarawi (National Water Research Institute & McMaster)abstract
Gerarda Darlington (University of Guelph)(abstract)
David Earn (McMaster University)(abstract)
Igor Jurisica (Ontario Cancer Institute)(abstract)
Lindi Wahl (University of Western Ontario)abstract
Jianhong Wu (York University)(abstract)


Everybody with interest in mathematical and statistical method in life science is invited to attend. There is no participation fee. However, in order to allow us to plan the event, you must register.

There will be limited financial support offered to graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows to participate at the Symposium. You must apply in advance for financial support through the on-line page.

We invite you and encourage to participate. The organizers and members of BioM&S research group of the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Guelph look forward meeting you at the Symposium held at OMAF on November 12, 2004.

Ashton Lecture in Biometrics

Abdel H. El-Shaawari (National Water Research Institute, Burlington, On) Editor-in-Chief Environmentrics, founder and former president of the International Environmentrics Society. This year's Ashton Lecture is sponsored by the Faculty of Environmental Science, Univ. Guelph.

Important Dates

Registration deadline October 30, 2004
Poster Session Registration: deadline October 30, 2004
Application for Financial Support: deadline October 30, 2004

Location of the Symposium

Conference rooms of OMAF Building (Ontario Ministry for Agriculture and Food Headquarter) Guelph, ON, 1 Stone Rd WFor information how to get to OMAF go to

Mailing List

To receive updates on activities at Fields please subscribe to our mailing list at

Confirmed and Registered Participants as of November 11, 2004

Fullname University/Affiliation
Al-khasawneh, Mohanad University of Windsor
Allen, Brian University of Guelph
An, Lihua University of Windsor
Anand, Madhur Laurentian University
Bakker, Mike AGRICORP - OMAF
Bauch, Chris University of Guelph
Bhamani, Azim University of Guelph
Cook, Richard J. University of Waterloo
Cressman, Ross Wilfrid Laurier University
Darlington, Gerarda University of Guelph
Desmond, Tony University of Guelph
Earn, David McMaster University
Eberl, Hermann J. University of Guelph
El-Shaarawi, A.H National Water Research Institute & McMaster
Fan, Guihong McMaster University
Fang, Miao McMaster University
Fgaier, Hedia University of Guelph
Gashaw, Asrat Fikre York University
He, Dai Hai McMaster University
Heffernan, Jane University of Western Ontario
Horrocks, Julie University of Guelph
Hossain, Md. Shakhawat University of Windsor
Hyder, Ayaz McMaster University
Jin, Yufei AgriCorp
Jurisica, Igor Ontario Cancer Institute,PMH
Khassehkhan, Hassan University of Guelph
Kim, Sehjeong University of Waterloo
Kobler, Daniel TM Bioscience
Krakovska, Olga University of Western Ontario
Langford, William University of Guelph
Lawniczak, Anna University of Guelph
Li, Haibo York University
Li, Jing University of Western Ontario
Liu, Chong University of Guelph
Liu, Rongsong York University
Lomasko, Tatiana University of Toronto
Ma, Jianfu York University
Melnik, Roderick Laurier University
Muhammad, Nasim University of Guelph
Northcott, Katherine McMaster University
Park, Andrew York University
Pearson, Laura University of Guelph
Pereira, Audrey University of Guelph
Rankoth Gedera, Premaratne University of Guelph
Scott, Heather University of Guelph
Su, Wanhua University of Waterloo
Szkotnicki, Bill University of Guelph
Toms, Judith University of Waterloo
Wachowiak, Mark Robarts Research Institute
Wahl, Lindi University of Western Ontario
Wang, Zilin Wilfrid laurier University
Weiss, Leda Ivic York University
Willms, Allan University of Guelph
Wu, Jianhong York University
Xiong, Wei University of Guelph
Xu, Jiaying University of Guelph
Yao, Weiguang The University of Western Ontario
Zeng, Qingling York University
Zhang, Rui McMaster University
Zhu, Huaiping York University


Schedule of Talks

9:30 -10:00
Openning Remarks
10:15- 10:45

Igor Jurisica, Ontario Cancer Institute
"Avoiding fusion of illusion and confusion.
Integrated computational biology."
10:50- 11:20

Richard Cook (University of Waterloo)
11:25- 11:55

Jianhong Wu, York University
"Modelling Spatio-temporal Patterns in Biological
Invasion and Diseases Spread"
12:00- 13:15
Lunch & coffee Break + Poster set up
13:15-14:00 A.H. El-Shaarawi, National Water Research Institute &
McMaster University
"Modelling and Analyzing Spatial-Temporal Environmental Data"


Coffee Break & Poster Session

Lindi Wahl, University of Western Ontario
"Information theory reveals functional domains in proteins."

Gerarda Darlington, University of Guelph
"Analysis of Pretest-Posttest data in Cluster
Randomization Trials"
Coffee Break & Poster Session

David Earn, McMaster University
"The capacity of modern cities to resist infectious
disease invasions"

Ross Cressman, Wilfrid Laurier University
"Coevolution, Adaptive Dynamics and the Replicator
Equation for a Continuous Trait Space"
17:35 Closing Remark and Announcement of Poster Award

Poster Winner

The graduate student, Judith Toms of Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, University of Waterloo is the winner of the Best Graduate Poster Competition at the “Southern Ontario Symposium On Mathematical And Statistical Methods In The Life Sciences”, November 12, 2004. The poster titled "Modeling the Factors Influencing Choice of Nest Site Location in Wood Thrush" was co-authoured by Judith Toms with (University of Waterloo), Lyle Friesen (Canadian Wildlife Service), Virgil Martin (City of Waterloo) and Jock MacKay (University of Waterloo).

The selection committee of Best Graduate Poster consisted of Dr. Daniel Kobler of TM Bioscience, Toronto and Prof. Roderick Melnik Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Modelling Laurier University, Waterloo. The Committee said that all posters were excellent and highly relevant contributions to the topics of the Symposium. The posters addressed important interdisciplinary questions related to food safety, urban development and nest site locations, prediction of pregnancy, and biofilms. The Committee based its decision on the two major
(a) novelty of the problem and the advancement of knowledge in the context of the life sciences,
(b) close interactions between mathematical/statistical sciences and the life sciences, including realistic experimental data.

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