May 20, 2018

Mini-conference and Workshop on Concentration Phenomenon, Transformation Groups, and Ramsey Theory

October 20-22, 2003

to be held at the University of Ottawa


Thierry Giordano, David Handelman and Vladimir Pestov (University of Ottawa).

Invited Workshop Speakers:

Thierry Giordano (Ottawa)
Eli Glasner (Tel-Aviv)
Vitali Milman (Tel-Aviv)
S. Solecki (UIUC)
S. Szarek (Case Western Reserve U. and Paris VI)
S. Todorcevic (Paris VII)
V.V. Uspenskij (Ohio)
A. Vershik (Steklov Institute)
Benjy Weiss (Hebrew)


The workshop will consist of a series of lectures, directed at graduate students and mathematicians and requiring no specific background, concerning dynamics and geometry of `large,' `infinite-dimensional' groups, in particular interactions between the phenomenon of concentration of measure on high-dimensional structures, actions of large groups on compact spaces, and combinatorial Ramsey-type results. `Large' groups at the centre of attention incude infinite unitary groups of Hilbert spaces and von Neumann algebras, various groups of automorphisms of measure spaces and measurable equivalence relations, groups of homeomorphisms and isometries, groups of automorphisms of various countable structures (graphs, Boolean algebras...), etc. The concepts, results and techniques from this area could benefit mathematicians working in a broad variety of disciplines.

There will be also an open problem discussion session, and possibly a session for short contributed talks.
Send expressions of interest to Vladimir Pestov at

A schedule is available here.

Financial support

Funding support is available for graduate student to partially cover local expenses and travel. Some funding may also be available to postdocs depending on budget constraints. An online funding application is available here. Application deadline: September 9, 2003, but late applications will be considered if funds are available.


A block of rooms has been reserved at:
Quality Hotel Downtown,
290 Rideau St. Ottawa,
Ontario K1N 5Y3.
Reservations: 1-800-359-4827.

The special conference rate: $105.00 + 12 % tax, single, double, or triple room share.We ask the participants to make reservation directly with the hotel by mentioning the above special rate for the workshop. Please note that the above rates will only be guaranteed by the hotel until September 18, 2003.


The fee is $50 (CDN), $25 (CDN) for students. Online Registration is no longer available; there will be on-site registration the morning of October 20, 2003.

For additional information contact gensci(PUT_AT_SIGN_HERE)