June 20, 2018

Dedication of Geometric Polytope Mobile
February 15, 2002

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Marc Pelletier

Marc Pelletier researched hyperdimensional geometry with H.S.M Coxeter and continues to maintain contact with various mathematicians and scientists worldwide.
To learn more about Marc Pelletier's work and achievements, visit his website.

The Sculpture to be dedicated on February 15th is a regular four-dimensional solid whose faces consist of 120 regular dodecahedrons. If it is projected onto 3 dimensions from the centre, then the result is the statue. The surface of this 5 foot diameter ball resembles a soccer ball, with 30 hexagons (split into four pentagons arising from 30 dodecahedrons which are projected onto 2-dimensional figures) and 12 pentagons, which are the faces of 12 dodecahedrons in the outer shell of the figure. Layered inside is another shell of 20 dodecahedrons, and then another 12 surrounding a central dodecahedron. This actually accounts for the remaining 90 dodecahedrons not on the surface because they are projected two to one into three space.

"Geometry is one of the Seven Medieval Arts intended to liberate us from a mundane life"
Marc Pelletier

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