April 22, 2018

Infinite Dimensional Lie Theory and its Applications Program

Workshop on Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras and Groups:
Structure and Geometry

September 25 - 29, 2000


Topics of interest include:

  • Gauge groups and groups of diffeomorphisms
  • Kac-Moody Lie algebras and groups
  • Extended affine Lie algebras and groups
  • Virasoro algebras and groups
  • Automorphisms of finite order and covering algebras
  • WZW theory
  • Differential and Kahler geometry of groups and their orbits
  • Applications to soliton equations and automorphic forms


Victor Kac, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Olivier Mathieu, Lyon CNRS
Arturo Pianzola, University of Alberta


B. Allison, University of Alberta
G. Benkart, University of Wisconsin, Madison
V. Futorny, University of São Paulo
V. Kac, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
S. Kumar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
J-H. Kwon, Seoul University
T. Larsson, Stockholm University
O. Mathieu, Lyon CNRS
K-H. Neeb, Universitãt Darmstadt
E. Neher, University of Ottawa
G. Papadopoulo, University of Basel
S. E. Rao, Tata Institute
M. Rosso, IRMA, Strasbourg
A. Rudakov, Norwegian University of Science & Technology
O. Schiffmann, Yale University
L. Scott, University of Virginia
P. Slodowy, Universitãt Hamburg
C. Teleman, Stanford University
E. Zelmanov, Yale University

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