May 25, 2018

Symplectic Topology, Geometry, and Gauge Theory Program

Workshop on Quasiclassical and Quantum Structures
January 9 - 14, 2001

This Workshop is part of the "Infinite-dimensional Lie Theory and its Applications" and "Symplectic Geometry, Topology, and Gauge Theory" programs.

Organizing Committee

Pavel Etingof, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Boris Khesin, University of Toronto


Topics include:
  • Classical and quantum integrable systems
  • Macdonald theory
  • Poisson-Lie groups, quantum groups, dynamical quantum groups, and quantization
  • Infinite-dimensional Lie algebras and structures, and their quantum deformations
  • q-Virasoro, q-W-algebras and their quasiclassical limits,
  • affine and quantum affine algebras at the critical level
  • Quantization of Poisson manifolds
  • Hypergeometric and q-hypergeometric functions, their generalizations, KZ, qKZ, KZB, qKZB equations, Elliptic quantum groups

Invited Speakers

  • D. Bar-Natan, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

  • I. Cherednik, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Harish-Chandra transform and difference operators

  • B. Enriquez, ENS-CNRS, Paris
    Quantization of Lie bialgebras and shuffle algebras

  • G. Felder, ETH Centrum, Zurich
    From local to global quantization of Poisson manifolds

  • D. Gurevich, Valenciennes University
    Quantum trace in braided categories and projective modules on quantum orbits

  • M. Jimbo, University of Tokyo

  • V. Kac, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Exceptional De Rham complexes

  • M. Kapranov, University of Toronto
    Analogs of Hall polynomials for affine Weyl groups and S-duality generating functions

  • A. Kirillov Sr., University of Pennsylvania
    Family algebras; quantum eigenvalues and multiplicities

  • D. Lebedev, Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
    Quantum Toda Chains, Whittaker functions and representations of noncompact groups

  • E. Meinrenken, University of Toronto
    Hamiltonian Poisson actions and the hyperbolic Duflo map

  • T. Miwa, Kyoto University

  • M. Noumi, Kobe University

  • V. Ovsienko, CPT-CNRS, Marseille
    Multi-parameter deformations of the module of symbols of differential operators

  • N. Reshetikhin, University of California, Berkeley

  • C. Roger, University Lyon - I, France
    Some recent results in Poisson cohomology and generalizations

  • A. Rosenberg, Kansas State University
    Noncommutative spaces

  • M. Semenov-Tian-Shansky, University of Bourgogne, Dijon
    Quantum Toda Chains, Whittaker functions and representations of noncompact groups

  • Y. Soibelman, Kansas State University
    Quantum tori and abelian varieties

  • A. Vaintrob, University of Oregon
    Spin quantum cohomology

  • A. Varchenko, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    The q-deformed KZB heat equation and SL(3,Z)

  • L. Vinet, McGill University

  • A. Voronov, Michigan State University
    String Topology Revisite

  • P. Xu, Pennsylvania State University

  • I. Zakharevich, Ohio State University
    Lattices, Locality of Poisson structures, and Poisson-Lie groups